13 Virtualization Trends and Prediction Lists for 2013

Virtualization-2 As mentioned yesterday in my blog post “101 Technology Trends and Predictions Lists for 2013”, I have been researching top trends and prediction lists as part of my research to understand the top technology trends.  

Virtualization has been around for many years, but has just recently taken off.  Virtualization helps drive more business value from an IT infrastructure. By decoupling logical resources from physical assets, virtualization enables businesses to be more agile, allowing them to changing business conditions or changing business strategies. Most large enterprises have already successfully virtualized 20-30% of their servers and are now ready to push virtualization technology further in 2013 into other areas, including storage, network, desktops, and applications.

Today I am playing back to you the trends and prediction lists I have found and inventoried relating to Virtualization technology.  The list is certainly not all the Virtualization trend lists that are out there, but if you check out these posts, you should have a good feel for the state of adoption of virtualization technologies going into 2013.

Source Title of Article/Blog Post
DiscoPosse 2013 Predictions in Virtualizaiton and Server Technology
Midokura Midokura Predicts IT, Network Virtualization and SDN Trends for 2013
RedHat The Red Hat Take on Virtualizaiton Trends for 2013
Search Server Virtualization Server virtualization trends and predictions to watch for in 2013
Search VMWare Expect more SMB virtualization and hypervisor choices in 2013
Virtual Bridges Blog VDI Predictions for 2013: The Changing Face of VDI
Virtualization Journal Technology expert predicts cloud, virtualization to be big in 2013
Virtualization Journal 2013 Predictions: Private Cloud Is Really “Cloud-Washed Virtualization”
VMBlog.com Netop 2013 Predictions: Link Globally, Secure Locally
VMBlog.com Veeam 2013 Predictions: Hypervisor Coexistence and Enterprise Capabilities in the SMB
VMBlog.com VMware Predictions for 2013: Expect Even More Change Ahead
VMBlog.com Tegile Systems 2013 Prediction: Cloud Computing’s Impact on Virtualization
VMBlog.com Symantec 2013 Virtualization and Cloud Predictions: Innovation Out of Necessity

Tomorrow I will provide the trends and prediction lists I’ve found relating to Cloud Computing.