15 Data Visualization Trends and Prediction Lists for 2013

Visualization1 For the last two blog posts out here I have been highlighting the Big Data and Analytics trends.   These two are very important trends and they lay the foundation for the trend I am featuring today…  Data Visualization.

Big Data and Analytics are such powerful trends in the media that Data Visualization often gets overlooked…or is an afterthought.  It should not be that way.  You can do a great job of implementing Big Data and Analytics solutions but if you can’t display the insights to decision makers in a format that helps them quickly understand the insights and the implications of those insights, then you are not helping them make business decisions. 

Here then,  I am sharing with you 15 articles/blogs that discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2013 for the Data Visualization trend.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
3D Visualization World Trends in 3D Visualization – From Technology To Services
Active Reports Server Latest trends in data visualization
Andrei Pandre Happy New 2013!
CIMdata Trends in Visualization
docstore Data Visualization – Importance and Market Trends
EidoScope trends in data visualization
ilkutterzioglu.com Ben Fry on past and future of visualization trends
Intechopen.com New Trends in Virtual Reality Visualization of 3D Scenarios
Landor Associates Trend five: Data visualization
Mindjet Data Visualization Trends Favor Simple Design
Mindjet Visualization Trends Revealed in Info is Beautiful Awards
Research Trends Part 3: Data analytics & visualization
Smartplanet.com ‘Information is Beautiful’ shortlist illustrates data visualization trends
Spotfire The Data Analysis of a Data Scientist
Xconomy Roambi Sees 2013 as Pivotal Year for Data Analytics, Visualization