19 Gamification Trend Articles for 2013

game - ChessWhat is Gamification you ask?  Gamification is applying game-design to non-game applications.  The main objective is influence employee or customer behavior in order to motivate them, in a fun and entertaining way, to solve a problem or execute a business process.  There are many potential applications of Gamification across all business processes.  Gartner has said that they believe 70% of the Fortune 2000 corporations will have implemented a Gamification application by 2014.  Market leaders include Badgeville and BunchBall.  Other companies in the space include Crowdfactory, Gamify.it, Hoopla, Kudos, ObjectiveLogistics and Rypple (a salesforce.com company).

The following is a list of articles and blog posts I have uncovered in my research that discuss the potential for Gamification in 2013.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
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