I’m Riding My Bike 442 Miles in RAGBRAI For The Joseph Gomoll Foundation

This post has very little to do with emerging trends and technologies.  It is much more about raising the awareness of a new charitable Foundation that has been set up.  

Along the way, I wanted to let you know what I'll be doing July 25-31.  This Saturday, I leave for RAGBRAI XXXVIII, a 7 day bike ride across Iowa that attracts 10,000 riders every year.

About The Bike Ride

This year's 442 mile route is from Sioux City to Dubuque. The ride is not a race, but more of a tour.  The route takes us through many small communities, whose residents come out to cheer us on as we pass through.   While a truck takes my tent/gear from overnight city to overnight city each day, I still have to ride my bike from city to city.   I'm riding solo, but with 10,000 other riders, I will make friends along the way.

I'm Riding In Memory Of Joey Gomoll

Joey  While I will enjoy the mental and physical challenge of riding long miles for 7 days in a row, one of the main  reasons I am riding is to draw attention to the The Joseph Gomoll Foundation.  Joey Gomoll passed away in March of this year just shy of his 5th birthday from complications relating to epilepsy.  His parents, Mike and Nory, have set up The Joseph Gomoll Foundation (http://www.joeyssong.org/ as a charitable organization that has a mission to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation and local special education resources, in memory/honor of their son Joey. 

About Epilepsy

Did you know that Epilepsy affects 50 million people worldwide – more than multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and Parkinson’s disease combined?  Almost 500 new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed every day in the United States.  In two-thirds of patients diagnosed with epilepsy, the cause is unknown.  More research is needed to understand epilepsy and help those people impacted enjoy a normal life.  Read more about epilepsy at the following page: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/about/

About The Joey's Song Series of CDs 

Joeys Song Band  Because music was an important part of Joey's life, the Foundation has decided to raise money by releasing a series of CDs that will be called "Joey's Song".   The Foundation is planning to release the first CD in a series in January 2011.  For more on the CD series, check out http://www.joeyssong.org/artists.php and get updates on the artist's participation by friending the Foundation's Facebook page.

My Primary Objective:  Create Awareness

My primary objective is to create awareness for this new foundation. If you are a Facebook user, please become a fan of the Foundation Facebook page.  Please visit the Foundation's website. During my ride, I will be promoting the website and Facebook pages via a sign on my bike, a flag above my tent, and by passing out business cards (see example at the bottom of this post) to everyone I meet along the way.  My goal is to at least double the size of their current friends list on Facebook. (currently about 830).

TShirt - Front
A Secondary Objective:  Raise Money

TShirt - Back

A secondary objective is to raise a little bit of money for the foundation.  My goal is $1000.  To provide a little incentive for those of you considering a donation, I will be 'awarding' the 7 highest donors a custom 'Joeyssong' T-shirt (one for each day of my bike ride).  See pictures to the right.  

If you want to make a donation in support of my bike ride (and thus the Foundation), please send me an email (whchamb@gmail.com) with your pledge amount by July 31st.  I'll let you then know where to send your check for the Foundation….and I'll let you know if you win one of the 7 T-Shirts!!

Follow Me On My Ride

If you are interested in following my RAGBRAI journey, I will be providing brief updates on my Twitter page http://twitter.com/horizonwatching and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/bill.chamberlin during every day.   So you can literally follow my progress across Iowa!! 

Example of Cards I will hand out

During my ride, I hope to hand out over 1,000 cards to people I meet along the way.  I am stopping in over 40 towns, so I'll have lots of opportunities to meet people and create awareness about the mission of the Foundation to help in the fight to stop seizures.JGF Business Cards

 Thanks for your support!!

IBM Cloud Computing White Papers

IBM Cloud White Papers In 2008 I was focused on researching and analyzing the Cloud Computing marketplace, which back then was just emerging.  It was a year of hype with vendors scrambling to define it and rename their offerings with the Cloud name somewhere in the offering.   The cloud topic was featured in many posts here during the 2008 calendar year.  While I no longer am focused on cloud, I still try to keep abreast of what is going on. 

The fact is that cloud computing is no longer just hype.  It is recognized as a key transformational trend in IT today.  The adoption of private, public or hybrid cloud environments can help significantly help organizations reduce IT management complexity and skill requirements; share resources among multiple applications; accelerate time to market; and support both existing and emerging, data-intensive workloads.

Here are some cloud computing white papers from IBM.  IBM has been an leader in the push towards enterprise-based cloud computing.

  • Dispelling The Vapor Around Cloud Computing     IBM conducted a survey in June and July of 2009 of 1,090 IT and line-of-business decision makers around the world.  The objective was to better understand the current rate of adoption, as well as drivers, barriers, and considerations that are influencing the adoption of cloud computing.  This white paper shares the survey findings and provides IBM’s point of view regarding key steps and considerations for cloud adoption.  A nice feature of this white paper are two sections near the end.  One section covers key success factors in implementing cloud and the other covers a list of steps required to the adoption of cloud computing
  • Security and Cloud Computing.  Although the benefits of implementing the different cloud computing models are clear, so is the need to develop proper security for cloud implementations.  Many organizations are embracing both public and private cloud computing models by integrating the two models into ‘hybrid clouds’.  These hybrid cloud implementations are designed to balance both business and technology requirements, helping to optimize security
    and privacy with a minimum investment in fixed IT costs.  This white paper provides an overview of key security issues related to the different cloud
    computing models, discusses the IBM Cloud Security Framework, and concludes with IBM’s thoughts on how to implement a secure cloud architecture and environment.   For those wanting more detail, there is an IBM Redbook available by the title of Cloud Security Guidance:  IBM's Recommendation for the Implementation of Cloud Security
  • Capturing the Potential of the Cloud   This paper comes from IBM’s Global Services team and discusses how cloud computing models are helping enterprises,
    governments and industries meet current challenges by focusing in on what the paper calls ‘Cloud Value Drivers’.  The paper says that organizations should take a holistic approach to developing a cloud strategy due to the broad impact cloud can have on an organization’s business models, operating principles, processes, technology and organization design.   Understanding the key cloud value drivers can help business and IT leaders jointly develop a framework for building successful business and IT strategies.
  • Business Strategy for Cloud Providers  -  This white paper is targeted towards companies that are hoping to provide cloud computing services as part of their offering strategy.    The paper answers questions such as
    • What are the key attributes of a winning cloud • provider business strategy and model?
    • How can partnering across the ecosystem accelerate my success?
    • What are the implications if I do not act now?
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing (634kb)   This paper examines the challenges facing IT leaders today and then discusses the benefits to enterprises that implement cloud computing technology.  The paper drives home the point that cloud computing is not just about data center technology.  It’s more about streamlining business processes in order to make organizations and people more competitive, more responsive to change and more oriented to service delivery.
  • Beyond the Platform:  Choosing the Right SaaS Delivery Partner.  The
    cloud market is broad and fragmented with thousands of suppliers
    offering products and services that fulfill niche needs.  As such, ISVs
    are often daunted by the process of researching providers' and
    consultants' offers.   Stratecast, a Division of Frost & Sullivan,
    has just published an IBM commissioned white paper entitled "Beyond the
    Platform: Choosing the Right SaaS Delivery Partner".  Author, analyst
    Linda Stadtmueller examines the fragmented and still evolving
    cloud-based Software as a Service market.  The white paper looks at the
    pitfalls and benefits to ISVs, along with considerations to guide the
    decision to enter the cloud.  Finally, it highlights the IBM ISV Partner
    Program as a high-value option for helping ISVs build and execute a
    SaaS strategy.  

For more on IBM and cloud computing, go to it’s main cloud computing website: http://www.ibm.com/ibm/cloud/