Accenture: Annual Technology Vision 2012 Trends Report

Accenture publishes an annual technology trends report that identifies the information technology trends it feels will significantly influence enterprises over the next three to five years. 

The 2012 report was released a few weeks ago and it identifies six trends enterprise IT organizations need to understand.

Here’s my summary of the six trends identified in the 2012 annual report.

  • Context-based services.  A combination of technology trends (Mobile Devices  Location Based Services, Cloud, Social, Personalization, Analytics) will enable new and innovative digital services that are delivered to you based on where you are, what you are doing, and your personal profile.

  • Converging data architectures. This is all about how IT teams respond to the “Big Data” trend.  New ways of designing and managing structured and unstructured databases will be critical if enterprises hope to analyze all that data that is streaming into the storage infrastructure.

  • Industrialized data services.  Business leaders sometime get frustrated because they know the data necessary for decisions exists somewhere in the company.  Accenture says that standardized enterprise-wide Information management technology and policies that enable the free sharing of information across the entire enterprise are needed.  

  • Social-driven IT.   Accenture says that most enterprises have yet to realize the power of embedding social and collaboration capabilities into all their business processes.  It’s not just about social media marketing, it is about enabling a new era of social business. 

  • PaaS-enabled agility.   Accenture points out that PaaS implementations are maturing.   The focus going forward will be less on the cost benefits of PaaS and more on the business innovation benefits.   PaaS allows enterprises to become more agile and respond quickly to changes in their environment.

  • Orchestrated analytical security.   Accenture points out that the never ending march of new emerging technologies has increased the risks for enterprise data security.  Accenture promotes the concept of analytics-driven security to help combat the risks. 

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