25 Articles Discussing 2013 Sustainability and Green IT Trends

Sustainability GreenITThe corporate sustainability trend continues to be important for future generations. There is an increased awareness that Information Technology will play an important part in sustainability efforts for governments as well as enterprises.  Government and business leaders alike are increasingly looking across their operations, to the products and solutions they sell, to the way they manage supplier relationships in order to understand how to better protect Mother Earth.  And these leaders are also looking for help from the Information Technology Industry to understand how their data centers can be more energy efficient and also how technology can help them improve their sustainability efforts across the whole enterprise and throughout their supply chain and distribution ecosystems.  

Information technology can play a big part in helping to eliminate wasted energy, wasted space, and wasted natural resources/materials.  New technologies are available that can help organizations become more energy efficient, implement new ways to source, manufacture and distribute goods and services in a more sustainable manner, and enable safe and renewable sources of energy.  There is no doubt that green computing and energy-efficient data centers has morphed from an appealing idea into an essential practice.  Skyrocketing energy costs and tight budgets, coupled with growing public and government pressure, have forced companies to put this issue on the front burner.  

So what are the main trends we should expect in 2013?  Overall…the focus continues to be reducing energy usage and improving utilization rates of existing infrastructure. But have a look at the following 25 articles, which can give you a feel for what is expected to happen in 2013.  

25 Articles Discussing 2013 Sustainability and Green IT Trends

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
Cio.com.au Where is green IT heading in 2013?
CleanTechies Predictions for Cleantech in 2013
Efficient Data Centers 13 Ideas for 2013
Environmental Leader Collaboration ‘Key’ for Sustainability Success in 2013
Environmental Leader Top Corporate Sustainability Trends in 2013
EV Thoughts EV Technologies very prominent in Car and Driver’s 10 Most Promising Technologies
Forbes 6 Green Tech Trends For 2013
Frost & Sullivan The Future is Green for Venture Capitalists, Market to Triple
Green Biz.com What will sustainability look like in 2013?
Green Data Center Conference Top Ten Data Center Priorities in 2013
Greentech Media Cleantech Investing: 2013 Predictions
GreenTech Media The Top Trends in Smart Grid Analytics
GrowStone 20 Sustainability Trends for 2013
Internap Sustainability advances coming to data centers in 2013
Kachan Predictions for cleantech in 2013
Seeking Alpha Cleantech Investing: 2013 Predictions
SustainabileBusiness.com What’s in store for CleanTech in 2013?
The Christian Science Monitor Cleantech on the decline? Predictions for 2013
The Energy Collective Predictions For Cleantech In 2013
The Guardian 2013: a year to fight for scale in advancing sustainability
The Guardian Sustainability will prompt redesign and gain recognition
The Guardian Will 2013 be a breakthrough year?
Tiaga Company Sustainability: What Shaped 2012 and Will Continue in 2013?
Tiaga Company Will Business Sustainability Remain a Conversation in 2013?
Triple Pundit 5 Sustainability Trends That Will Shape Stock Valuations in 2013

32 Articles Discussing IT Security Trends for 2013

SecuritySecurity is one of the most important long term trends happening in the Information Technology Industry today. 

There so many challenges facing enterprise I.T. departments, many of which were just not a major challenge 10 years ago.  The advent of cloud, mobile, social, big data, other digital trends is taxing even the most secure enterprise I.T. infrastructure.  Enterprise IT systems are sending and receiving more information to partners, customers and external stakeholders over a wide variety of networks.    In addition to those disruptive and emerging technology  trends is the fact that the criminals and hackers out there are getting more and more sophisticated in their planning of cyber attacks.

Today, our world’s infrastructure is both more sophisticated and more interconnected than ever before – linking vast amounts of information and services in new ways, but also introducing more security complexities and challenges in roughly equal proportion. For this reason, it is no longer enough for organizations, or even entire governments, to try to address security strictly within their own enterprises.

The list below contains 32 articles and blog posts I found recently that discuss the important 2013 trends to watch out for within the overall I.T. Security topic.  Read a few of these and you will get a good idea of what challenges await CIOs and their staffs in 2013.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
BizTech2.com Key Security Predictions For 2013: Kaspersky Lab
BizTech2.com McAfee’s Top 10 Threat Predictions For 2013
BizTech2.com Verizon’s Data Breach Predictions For 2013
ComputerWeekley Security Predictions for 2013
CSO Online.com Global Information Security Survey 2013: Breaches, BYOD – and boy bands
CTO.Vmware.com Beyond SDNs – Networking & Security in 2013
CXOToday.com Top 10 enterprise security predictions from McAfee
eWeek BYOD, Social Media Among Top Security Threats of 2013

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats of 2013 

Fortinet Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs Reveals 2013 Threat Predictions
Frost & Sullivan Frost & Sullivan Advocates New Strategies Against Advanced Cyber Threats
F-Secure F-Secure’s Top 7 Predictions for 2013 (If the Internet as We Know It Still Exists)
F-Secure Seven Predictions for 2013
InformationWeek 7 Top Information Security Trends For 2013
Insurance Networking News Top 10 IT Security Trends for 2013
Microsoft Using the Past to Predict the Future: Top 5 Threat Predictions for 2013
RSA’s Art Coviello 8 Computer Security Predictions For 2013
SCMagazine Top 7 end-user security priorities for 2013
Security Sales & Integration 2012 Top Technology Innovations 
Softpedia Top 5 Security Predictions for 2013 from ISF
Syantec Top 5 Security Predictions for 2013 from Symantec
Telecomasia.net Cybersecurity predictions for 2013
The Guardian Data privacy predictions for 2013
The Guardian Five trends that will reinvent your approach to cyber risk in 2013
ThreatMetrix Top Cybersecurity Trends and Risks For 2013 Identified
Trend Micro Security Threats to Business, the Digital Lifestyle, and the Cloud
Trend Micro Trend Micro Predictions for 2013 and Beyond: Threats to Business, the Digital Lifestyle, and the Cloud
Trend Micro Trend Micro Releases Security Predictions for 2013 & Beyond
Venturebeat 6 big cybersecurity predictions for 2013
virtualization Review 3 Predictions for the Data Protection Industry in 2013
Watchguard Technologies WatchGuard Reveals Top Security Predictions for 2013
Websense 2013 Security Predictions

19 Gamification Trend Articles for 2013

game - ChessWhat is Gamification you ask?  Gamification is applying game-design to non-game applications.  The main objective is influence employee or customer behavior in order to motivate them, in a fun and entertaining way, to solve a problem or execute a business process.  There are many potential applications of Gamification across all business processes.  Gartner has said that they believe 70% of the Fortune 2000 corporations will have implemented a Gamification application by 2014.  Market leaders include Badgeville and BunchBall.  Other companies in the space include Crowdfactory, Gamify.it, Hoopla, Kudos, ObjectiveLogistics and Rypple (a salesforce.com company).

The following is a list of articles and blog posts I have uncovered in my research that discuss the potential for Gamification in 2013.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
Cisco A Gamified Cloud In 2013
ClickZ Your 2013 Marketing Goal – Gamification
CopperFox Marketing Is gamification the hottest digital trend for 2013?
Destination CRM Blog Badgeville CEO Kris Duggan’s 2013 Gamification Predictions
ECommerce Times Gamification Brings In Serious Business
Frankwatching Gamification in 2013:  going up or going down?
Gamification Corp Top Articles for Enterprise Gamification in 2012
GCO Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Gamification in 2013
Hoopla.net Gamification Trends for 2012 (video)
Landor Trend One: Gamification
MyGamification.com Understanding Gamification Trends
notperfectbutcommitted.com Technology trends – Gamification of Applications
Rise Interactive Use Gamification to Inspire Your Employees in 2013
Talentim HR Trends. No.4: Gamification
The Economist Gamification
VentureBeat Five predictions on where gamification is going next
VentureBeat Play to win: 7 steps to making gamification work in enterprise
VentureBeat The DeanBeat Game industry predictions for 2013
Yahoo (Yyoga Press Release) Gamification is the Key to Fitness Motivation in 2013

28 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends and Prediction Articles for 2013

Internet of Things For the last 10 posts I’ve been sharing my research with you around top trends for 2013. I’ve covered everything from Social Business to Big Data to Cloud Computing.   Today I am sharing a list of 28 articles and blog posts that discuss the developments we might see in 2013 around the trend called “Internet of Things” or IoT for short.

The IoT refers to the explosion of embedded sensors and intelligent devices that are flooding our every day lives.  Sensors are being embedded in all sorts of ‘things’ from fitness monitors, to cars, to water main valves.   There are forecasts from industry analysts that say there will be up to 100 billion uniquely identifiable objects connected to the Internet by 2020.  Many of these devices will be able to talk to other devices and computers without any human intervention.  Enterprises can deploy their own sensor networks, building sense and respond systems that can work autonomously.  Some say that the IoT will be the most disruptive technological revolution since the advent of the World Wide Web. 

Below you will find a list of 28 articles that discuss the IoT and what developments we might expect to see in 2013. 

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
AlertMe CES 2013 and The Internet of Things
BusinessWeek CES 2013: Connected Devices and the Internet of Things
Connect.innovateuk.org 2013 likely to be a big year for IoT
Elizabeth Presson 2013 Forecast: The Internet of Things is Changing Your World, So Pay Attention
Elizabeth Presson The Internet of Things at CES 2013
Fierce Wireless Europe 2013 M2M predictions
Forbes CES 2013: The Break-Out Year For The Internet Of Things
Forbes CES 2013: The Four-Sentence Summary
Forbes How The Internet Of Things Will Change Almost Everything
formtek.com The Internet of Things: Engine of Economic Growth?
Frost & Sullivan Global Increase in Adoption of Real-Time Location Systems Depends on Technological Innovations
IT Watch Dogs In 2013, expect the ‘Internet of Things’ to take off
M2MWorldNews Deutsche Telekom M2M predictions for 2013
MediaPost The Internet Of Things And The Data It Will Produce
MIT Technology Review 2013: The year of the Internet of Things
newelectronics.co.uk Outlook 2013: Are you ready for the ‘Internet of Things’?
RCR Wireless 2013 Predictions: M2M and the ‘Internet of things’ in 2013
SemanticWeb How the Internet of Things Will Reshape the World in 2013
SemanticWeb.com 2013: The Year of the Internet of Things
Solid State Technology 2013: Building the internet of things with MEMS and 3D advances
sourcedigit.com Why 2013 is going to be the year of the Internet of Things
TechRepublic 2013’s hot topic: The Internet of Things (and our new way of covering it)
The Next Web Quantified Self and the Internet of Things: Everyone is collecting your data, so why shouldn’t you?
The Next Web Why 2013 will be the year of the Internet of Things
ThreeWill Predictions – Internet of Things
VentureBeat 2013: The Internet of things, delivered via smartphone
Venturebeat.com 2013 will be the year of ‘the Internet of things’ as more than 5B wireless chips ship
Wired 2013 and the Internet of Things

103 Digital Marketing Trends and Prediction Lists for 2013

marketing - Enterprise MM If you have been following my blog posts here the past month, you know I have been sharing my 2013 trends research notes and observations along the way.  One part of my process is to read what others are saying about trends.   The past two weeks (check out the last 10 blog posts here) I’ve been sharing with you lists of blog posts and online articles that provide discussions relating to the trends I am researching.

Today I am featuring blog posts and articles that discuss important trends in digital marketing and the role of the CMO.  The marketing profession is undergoing a transformation thanks to the ever changing landscape of digital technology.  Marketing professionals have to stay current on how developments in the area of cloud, mobile, social, video, big data and analytics will impact the marketing profession.  2013 promises to be another interesting year as the technology trends just mentioned are all very hot.  It’s not a stretch to say that CMOs and Marketing Departments are a little over their head.

One indication of the activity in this area is all the articles and blog posts that have been written and published in the past 30-60 days.  The list below is evidence of that activity.  

Here then, is a list of articles and blog posts I have uncovered in the past few weeks that focus on the challenges and trends ahead in marketing for 2013.  I invite you to come back tomorrow and I will have another list like this one on another important trend to share with you.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
24/7 Media Digital Marketing Trends of 2013
AdAge Five Bets On How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2013
AdAge How The Role Of CMO Will Change In The Year Ahead
AdExchanger Online Marketing: Top Trends for 2013
Adotas 2013: The Year Of Mobile Social Marketing
Adweek CMO Council Report: Marketing Budgets on the Upswing
Bdaily Top eCommerce Marketing Opportunities for 2013
BizCommunity.Com Five digital trends to watch for in 2013
BizReport Data, content solutions to help brands in 2013
Branding Strategy Insider Brand Marketing Trends For 2013
Business2Community 2013 Digital and Social Marketing Emerging Trends
Business2Community 2013 Medical Marketing Predictions
Business2Community 2013: The Year of Integrated Digital Marketing
Business2Community 5 Online Marketing Resolutions to Make in 2013
Business2Community Digital Marketing in 2013: What’s In and What’s Out
CEB Blogs 4 Things on B2C CMO’s Minds for 2013
CMO.com 13 Major Marketing Trends For 2013
CMO.com Digital Marketing In 2013: Predictions From 86 Industry Luminaries
CMO.Com For 2013, Digital Strategy Is Critical
CMSWire Content Strategy: Five Predictions for 2013
CMSWire Web CMS Trends in 2013: Multi-Touch, Cloud, Social CRM
Constant Contact Constant Contact outlines SME marketing predictions for 2013
Content Marketing Institute 100+ Social Media and Content Marketing Predictions for 2013
Convince&Convert 25 Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013
Customer Think Marketing Game Changers For 2013
Customer Think Top 5 CMO Resolutions for 2013
Daily News Top 10 Smart Marketing Trends for 2013
DBW Ten Bold Predictions for eBooks and Digital Publishing in 2013
Destination CRM.com The Top Six Digital Trends for 2013
Digitalbookworld Ten Bold Predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 2013
Digitalbookworld Top 12 #DigitalPublishing Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2013
Digitas Distillery Five Days of Digitas Predictions (for 2013): B2B and CRM
Digitas Distillery Five Days of Digitas Predictions (for 2013): Brand Content
Direct Marketing News CMOs declare 2013 the Year of Digital
DM Confidetial The Top 10 Trends Lead-Generation Marketers Should Know About in 2013
eConsultancy 17 digital marketing and ecommerce trends for 2013 by Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein
eConultancy The 2013 CMO Challenge: Content, Digital And Organizational Attribution
Eloqua CMOs You Should Watch in 2013
Email Institute The 2013 CMO Challenge: Content, Digital and Organisational Attribution
Exact Target Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013
Executive Board 10 Marketing Trends for 2013 You Haven’t Heard
Fast Company 13 Bold Marketing Moves To Try In 2013
Fast Company 5 trends that will shape digital services in 2013
Fast Company The Top 10 Trends for Marketers According to JWT
Forbes CMO Predictions For 2013 — Part 1: MasterCard, Philips, Western Union, MillerCoors
Forbes CMO Predictions For 2013 — Part 2: Ford, Heineken, CVS
Forbes CMO Predictions For 2013 — Part 3: AT&T
Forbes CMO Predictions For 2013 From Ford, Heineken, CVS
Forbes Content Marketing And E-Commerce Tops Digital Marketers Priority List For 2013
Forbes Follow The Money: Digital Marketing Trends For 2013
Forbes Google News Crumbles, And More 2013 Media Predictions
Forbes Is 2013 The Year We Welcome ‘Post-Digital’ Marketing? I Vote Yes
Forbes Six Things Every CMO Needs To Know In 2013
Forrester 2013: The Year of Digital Business
FPS 2013 Will Be ‘The Year Of The Marketer’: The CMO Council
Gartner Gartner Highlights Top Consumer Mobile Applications and Services for Digital Marketing Leaders
Harris CMO Partners Top marketing blogs of 2012
HBR Six Social-Digital Trends for 2013
Hubsot 8 Insightful Marketing Predictions for 2013 and Beyond
HubSpot 20 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2013 & Beyond
Huffington Post 21 Book Publishing Predictions for 2013
IDC 2013: A Need for Speed in the Transforming Channel Landscape, Says IDC
IDC IDC Releases Chief Marketing Officer Top 10 Predictions for 2013
iMedia Connection 2013 Mobile Marketing/Technology Trends
iMedia Connection 3 digital marketing predictions for 2013
iMedia Connection 6 trends that will shape digital in 2013
iMedia Connection 7 digital marketing trends to watch in 2013
iMedia Connection Digital and Social Marketing Trends for 2013
iMedia Connection The top 6 digital marketing trends for 2013
Interactive Intelligence / IDC IDC Releases Chief Marketing Officer Top 10 Predictions for 2013
JWT 10 trends that will shape consumer mindset and behavior in 2013
JWT Blog What’s Big? 100 Things to Watch in 2013
Landor Landor’s 2013 trends forecast: Eight hot topics
Landor Trend two: Brand Purpose
Leadership Top 5 CMO Resolutions For 2013
MarketingWeek Key digital marketing trends for 2013
Mashable 4 Best Practices for Digital Marketers in 2013
Mashable 5 Marketing Predictions For 2013
MediaWeek Display Predictions for 2013
Memeburn 5 aspects of digital marketing you should be thinking about in 2013
MIA Kelsey CMO.com’s Expert Panel: 2013 All About ‘Better Data’ and ‘Better Content’
Miami Herald 13 Small Business Marketing Trends To Watch In 2013
Millward Brown Digital & Media Predictions 2013
Net Imperative 10 Digital Trends In 2013: ‘Data porn’, ‘Digital Health’ And The UX Of Social
Optify Optify Identifies Key Trends for Digital Marketing Industry in 2013
Phizzle Phizzle Identifies Top 2013 Digital Marketing Trends
Prosar.com Top Marketing Trends for 2013
Ragan.com 7 content marketing trends to watch for 2013
RightIntel 8 Insightful Marketing Predictions for 2013 and Beyond
RobotForce.com Top Marketing Trends Every Small Business Needs to Know for 2013
Search Engine Watch 5 Trends Shaping SEO & Content Marketing in 2013
Search Marketing B2B Marketing Predictions for 2013
SearchEngineWatch Social PR Tips to Get Fit for 2013 Digital Marketing
Silverpop Silverpop Highlights Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 in New eBook
Smart Insights 5 key social media priorities for marketers in 2013
SocialMedia Today 2013 Digital Marketing Predictions
SocialMedia Today 2013: The Year of Integrated Digital Marketing
SocialMedia Today Marketing Trends for 2013 and beyond
Techpaparazzi Top Marketing Trends That will give you Edge
The Marketing Automation Alert 5 key social media priorities for marketers in 2013
The Search Agents The Search Agency 2013 Predictions
TheIDM.org 10 Digital and IT Trends for 2013
TheMediaOnline Trends 2013: Big data, content marketing and mobile first

15 Data Visualization Trends and Prediction Lists for 2013

Visualization1 For the last two blog posts out here I have been highlighting the Big Data and Analytics trends.   These two are very important trends and they lay the foundation for the trend I am featuring today…  Data Visualization.

Big Data and Analytics are such powerful trends in the media that Data Visualization often gets overlooked…or is an afterthought.  It should not be that way.  You can do a great job of implementing Big Data and Analytics solutions but if you can’t display the insights to decision makers in a format that helps them quickly understand the insights and the implications of those insights, then you are not helping them make business decisions. 

Here then,  I am sharing with you 15 articles/blogs that discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2013 for the Data Visualization trend.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
3D Visualization World Trends in 3D Visualization – From Technology To Services
Active Reports Server Latest trends in data visualization
Andrei Pandre Happy New 2013!
CIMdata Trends in Visualization
docstore Data Visualization – Importance and Market Trends
EidoScope trends in data visualization
ilkutterzioglu.com Ben Fry on past and future of visualization trends
Intechopen.com New Trends in Virtual Reality Visualization of 3D Scenarios
Landor Associates Trend five: Data visualization
Mindjet Data Visualization Trends Favor Simple Design
Mindjet Visualization Trends Revealed in Info is Beautiful Awards
Research Trends Part 3: Data analytics & visualization
Smartplanet.com ‘Information is Beautiful’ shortlist illustrates data visualization trends
Spotfire The Data Analysis of a Data Scientist
Xconomy Roambi Sees 2013 as Pivotal Year for Data Analytics, Visualization

30 Analytics Trends and Predictions Lists for 2013

Analytics - insight Today I have another list of articles and blog posts that focus on trends and predictions for 2013.   Today I focus on Analytics.

When I first started at IBM I was selling small computers to small businesses which had never had a computer before.  The one application that helped sell many of those systems was Sales Analysis.  The small business owners were always excited to see the types of Sales Analysis reports available because it was too hard to develop those types of Sales Analysis reports manually.

Today, analytics continues to be an important trend in the IT Industry.  There is allot of focus being placed on Analytics because the amount and type of data has grown exponentially.  Today’s businesses must implement new analytical solutions and develop new skills in order to generate the intelligence and insight necessary to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

Leading-edge businesses are embracing advanced analytics that can help them identify their most profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, optimize supply chains and pricing, and identify the true drivers of financial performance.

Here then, is a list of 30 articles that provide information on what the important trends are within the Analytics space over the next year.  Come back tomorrow and I will have another similar post on another important trend for 2013.

Source Blog / Article Title
Bio-ITWorld 2013 – The Year of Data-Driven Decisions
CIO.com 5 Business Analytics Tech Trends and How to Exploit Them
Forrester Top 10 BI Predictions for 2013 and Beyond
Frost & Sullivan ‘New Intelligence’ to Sustain Greater Customer Loyalty
Future of CIO Top Five BI/Data Analytics Trends
Gartner BI and Analytics Market Trends – 2020 Vision
GigaOM Big Data Analytics is hot and getting hotter; 5 trends explain why
GreenTech Media The Top Trends in Smart Grid Analytics
Hop’s Thoughts Emerging Analytics Trends
IBM 3 Trends in Business Analytics
Infinitive 13 Trends Shaping Digital Analytics in 2013
InfoBuild Five Trends Shaping the Future of Business Analytics
InfoGov Community The Big Trend in 2013: Social Analytics
Information Management Analytics in 2013: Smarter Business Uses and Some Big Data Deaths
Information Management What Do Ongoing BI Trends Mean for 2013?
InformationWeek ‘Business Analytics is a key priority for us in 2013’: Hero MotoCorp CIO
InformationWeek.com Big Data Analytics Trends: SAS CEO Jim Goodnight
Insurance Networking News Analytics in 2013: Smarter Business Uses and Some Big Data Deaths
Insurance Networking News BI, Analytics Top 2013 IT Budget Priorities
Insurance Networking News Top 5 Trends for 2013 — Analytics
International Institute for Analytics 2013 Predictions for Analytics
Ovum 2013 Trends to Watch: BI and Analytics
SAP Key Trends in Analytics: The Future Role of Big Data, Predictive and Mobile
SAP Understand Key Trends in Analytics
Search Business Analytics Note to self: Business intelligence, analytics trends to watch in 2013
Search Engine Watch 2012 Analytics Year in Review & Predictions for 2013
Smart Data Collective Analytics Predictions 2013 by Alberto Roldan
Tableau Software Top 10 Trends for Business Intelligence: Our Outlook on 2013
Virtual-Strategy Magazine M2M Meets Big Data Analytics – 2013 Prediction
Webtrends Blog Emerging Trends in Analytics and Digital Marketing

32 Big Data Trends and Predictions Lists for 2013

big-data-pratica In this post you will find links to 32 different articles and/or blog posts that all discuss the trends that will happen around the trend of Big Data.

The Big Data trend refers to storing, managing and extracting insights from the growing flood of data created by individuals and organizations.  The volume of data has been increasing in the past 5 years, mainly because of unstructured data, but also because of other trends – mobile, social, and consumerization.   Unstructured data includes emails, pictures, video, social media and other information that is not ordered in (or cannot be readily entered into) a traditional database-style model.   The unstructured data requires new ways of storing and processing data.

If you explore the articles and blog posts below, you will have a good feel for what the top trends are within Big Data for 2013.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
ARN Big Data to be big in 2013: EMC
BizTech2.com Big Data-as-a-Service To Pick Up In 2013: IDC
Business2Community Top Five Big data Trends for 2013
CMSWire 2013: The Year of Big Data, Major Shifts & Convergence
CMSWire Prediction for 2013 and Beyond: Big Data Finds its Andy Warhol
ComputerWorld Where are big data and BI heading in 2013?
Dzone Big Data Predictions for 2013
eConsultancy Big data’s 2013 challenge: making it small
Enterprise Systems Top 3 Trends in Enterprise and Big Data
FinChannel.com Trends for 2013: ‘Big Data’ Gets Bigger
Forbes 5 Ways Big Data Will Change Lives In 2013
Forbes Big Data’s Big Opportunity in the Bleak Economy of 2013
Forrester Big Data predictions for 2013
Gartner Gartner Says Big Data Creates Big Jobs: 4.4 Million IT Jobs Globally to Support Big Data By 2015
Gartner Gartner Says Big Data Will Drive $28 Billion of IT Spending in 2012
Gazzang 2013 The Year Big Data Goes Big-Time
GovPro Governments will invest in big data projects in 2013
HortonWorks Apache Hadoop: Seven Predictions for 2013
ICC Top Five Reasons Big Data Means Big Business in 2013
IDC Big Data Solutions Gain Momentum in 2013; Choosing The Best First Project Will Be Critical, Says IDC
Information Week 5 Big Data Predictions For 2013
InformationWeek 13 Big Data Vendors To Watch In 2013
InvestorPlace In 2013, Big Data Is Set to Get Even Bigger
IT Business Edge The Top Five Reasons Big Data Means Big Business in 2013
ItWire Big data blasts off in 2013
Rainstor Top Big Data Predictions for 2013
Roambi Big-Data Analysis Is Top Investment Priority for 2013 as Half of Key Business Data Goes to Waste
Talentim HR Trends. No.1: Big Data
The Telegraph Big data was big in 2012, it will be bigger in 2013
VMBlog.com SnapLogic 2013 Predictions: Salesforce.com will enter Master Data Management (MDM) space
ZDNet Big Data 2013: Industry Players’ Forecasts

Come back here tomorrow and I’ll have another post with more research I’ve done that I will share with you.

23 BYOD Trends and Prediction Lists for 2013

BYOD2 Today I am sharing with you a list of articles and blog posts I’ve found and inventoried that discuss trends and predictions for the coming year related to the Consumerization of IT and “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trends.  

Consumerization of IT refers to the trend of innovative technologies (hardware, software, solutions, services) that were designed for consumers making their way into the corporate world.  BYOD is the trend that is specific to the explosion of mobile devices that consumers are buying and how those consumers want to use those personal devices to access corporate networks, applications and data.

It’s important to note that the BYOD trend is not just about companys letting employes use their own devices. It’s also about supporting employees with resources and technical expertise in order to leverage those mobile devices into something that works for the employee and also works for the company.

Here then is a list of 23 blog posts and articles that discuss these trends.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
CIO.com 2013 Prediction: BYOD on the Decline?
CITEWorld Consumerization in 2013: the big stories to watch
ComputerWorld Forecast 2013: Setting a mobile risk management strategy
ComputerWorld One reliable prediction for 2013: BYOD still a bear for IT
ComputerWorld Where are mobility and consumerization of IT heading in 2013?
DataCOM 13 Mobility and BYOD Tips for 2013
Enterprise Systems Top 3 Emerging BYOD Trends for 2013
Field Aware Implementing BYOD in 2013
Gartner Gartner Identifies Three Security Hurdles to Overcome When Shifting From Enterprise-Owned Devices to BYOD
Ian Tibble What’s Next for BYOD – 2013 and Beyond
InformationWeek 5 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Consumerization Of IT
InfoSec Island What’s Next For BYOD – 2013 And Beyond
ITBusinessEdge BYOD in 2013: Yes, It Is Going to Get Worse
Petri Bring Your Own Device: Will 2013 be the Year of BYOD?
Point 2 Security BYOD Concerns Loom Large in 2013
Redmondmag.com BYOD and Cloud Will Fuel IDMaaS Landscape in 2013
SC Magazine Prediction: BYOD may go away in 2013
Silicon Angle BYOD + Build Your Own App Taking Over Mobility in 2013
Simply Security Cloud to Drive IT Consumerization in 2013
TabTimes 2013 To Do For IT Departments
TeoTech BYOD in 2013
The A Team BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – 2013 the Year of the Tablet

35 Trends and Predictions Lists for Mobile Enterprise in 2013

mobility For the past 4-5 posts on this blog I have been providing lists of trends and predictions articles and blogs that have to do with the important technology trends for 2013.  Today I am featuring a list of over 35 articles/blogs that provide a discussion of important trends in the area of Mobile Enterprise.

2013 will be a fascinating year for enterprise mobility.  The following articles and blog posts will help you learn more about how enterprise mobility will evolve across mobile applications, devices, services, and strategies in 2013.  There are key predictions around the state of the mobile workforce, companies’ mobility strategies, mobile cloud, mobile applications, managed services, devices and more.

Come back tomorrow for another list of articles and blog posts around another important technology trend topic for 2013.

Source Title of Blog Post or Article
Aberdeen Enterprise Mobility 2013: Looking Forward, Looking Back
Broadband Convergent The Future of Mobile: The Biggest Trends for 2013
Canaudi What Will 2013 Hold for the Mobile Industry?
CCS Insight Top 12 Predictions for 2012 and Beyond
Chief Mobility Officer 8 Far-Out Predictions for Mobile Tech in 2013
CNet Mobile: 10 predictions for 2013
CXOToday.com Enterprise mobility II: 2013 – What to expect?
David Akka Mobile predictions for 2013
Digitas Distillery Five days of Digitas Predictions (for 2013): Mobile
Forbes 10 Predictions For The Mobile Industry In 2013
Frost & Sullivan Mobile Applications are Revolutionising Healthcare, Says Frost & Sullivan 
Frost & Sullivan Mobility drives a new era of Communications and Collaboration across the Mobile Enterprise
IDG Connect Justin Strong (Global) – Gartner Predictions 2013 (Opinion): Is Mobile the Death of the Idle Enterprise?
Information Week 7 Enterprise Mobility Predictions For 2013
Insurance Networking News Top 5 Trends for 2013 — Mobility
Juniper Research Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2013
Mobile Commerce Daily Top mobile predictions for 2013 – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Enterprise 5 Tech Trends for 2013
Mobile Enterprise Mobility Outlook 2013 by Chris Marsh Yankee Group
Mobile Enterprise Time to Pick Up the Pace: Mobile in 2013
Mobile Enterprise Webinar: Outlook on Mobility 2013
Mobile Marketer Top mobile predictions for 2013
Mobile Marketing What Will 2013 Hold for the Mobile Industry?
Mobile Marketing Association EMEA: Mobile Marketing in 2013
onmobilestratey.com 2013 Mobile Predictions
Sense Networks Sense Networks Reveals Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2013
Telecomasia.net Top 10 wireless predictions for 2013
The Smart Van 5 Mobile Tech Predictions for Field Service in 2013
Venturebeat.com 5 reasons to get excited about Augmented Reality in 2013
Wireless Week Predictions for 2013
Yankee Group Enterprise Mobility Predictions for 2013 (webinar)
Yankee Group Webinar: 2013 Predictions: Mobility at a Crossroad
Yankee Group Will 2013 Be the Year for Enterprise Apps?
ZDNet UberMobile’s Top Ten Trends 2013

31 Trend and Prediction Lists for Social Business in 2013

Social Business If you’ve been following this blog the last week, you know I am in the process of sharing back to you lists of trends and predictions I have uncovered while doing research on the top Technology trends for 2013.  I’ve inventoried over 500 different articles that discuss trends and predictions that might happen in 2013 related Technology.

Today I am providing you a list of 31 articles and blog posts that all discuss what trends to watch out for in the area of Social Business.  Included are articles on Social Media Marketing, Social CRM, and Internal vs. External Social Computing.  The Social trend is one of the major trends that is happening in enterprise businesses today.  It grew out of the Web 2.0 trend a few years ago and is a new way of doing business.  The important implication for business and IT leaders is that new business processes and skills are required.  And another thing….don’t underestimate the effort it requires to use social computing technologies.  It can be a large undertaking for a business to transform itself to a ‘social business’. 

So below you will find the list of articles and blog posts on the Social trend topic.  Come back over the next 10 days and you will find other related lists….

Source Title of Article / Blog Post
Brafton Social commerce: The real trend of 2013
Business Expo Center Creating a Social Business: Trends to Follow in 2013
Business2Community Seven Social Media Trends for 2013
Business2Community 2013 Blueprints: Social Media Marketing
Business2Community 14 Experts Predict 2013 Social Media Trends for Small Business
Clickz.com Corporate Social Media Marketing Strategy Checklist for 2013
CMSWire Social Business in 2013: A Challenge, An Opportunity, A Commitment
CMSWire 2013 Predictions: The Changing Needs of the Mobile, Social Business
CMSWire 2013 Prediction: Social Business Tech will Stop Blaming Culture for Failure
Dallas Business Journal 5 tips for setting social media strategy in 2013
Digitas Distillery Five Days of Digitas Predictions (for 2013): Social
Exchange4Media.com Higher growth, greater spends on social in 2013
Fast Company The Can’t-Miss Social Media Trends For 2013
Forbes Social Business: 5 Trends To Watch For 2013 And Beyond
Forbes Roundup of CRM Forecasts and Market Estimates, 2012
Forbes The 2013 Social Business Marketing Manifesto
Forbes Social Business: 5 Trends To Watch For 2013 And Beyond
Fresh Business Thinking Social Business Predictions For 2013
Gartner Gartner Outlines Six Best Practices for Moving to a Culture of Extreme Collaboration
HuffingtonPost Secrets to Success for Social Media in Business in 2013
IDC A Pivotal Year For Social Media In The Enterprise: ROI Drives Changes Across All Areas Of Social, Says IDC
PitchonNet Social Media: Trends Forecast for 2013
RealBusiness A look at social business in 2013
ResourceNation Top 10 Social Business Advances of 2012
Social Media Examiner 21 Social Media Predictions for 2013 from the Pros
Social Media Today Where Businesses Meet Social Media – Predictions for 2013
SocialMedia Today My Social Media Predictions for 2013
SocialMedia Today 5 Inbound and Social Media Predictions For 2013
Telligent Social business predictions for 2013
Tibbr 16 Enterprise Social Networking Predictions for 2013
VentureBeat How to take control of your company’s social destiny in 2013

Come back to this blog in the coming days and weeks for more insights on the important trends in technology.

35 Trend and Prediction Lists for Cloud Computing in 2013

Cloud Smarter Planet Logo The last couple of days I have started sharing with you trends and predictions lists.  I’ve already posted “101 Technology Trends and Predictions Lists for 2013” and  “13 Virtualization Trends and Prediction Lists for 2013 “.  Today I share with you a list of articles and blog posts that contain predictions and top trends related to Cloud Computing.

The Cloud Computing term came on the scene back in 2008 and has been hot ever since.  Cloud Computing provides individuals and organizations with new options on how they acquire or deliver IT services, with reduced emphasis on the constraints of traditional infrastructures and the software/hardware licensing models that come with that traditional infrastructure.  Benefits include reduced costs, improved service delivery and agility to enable innovation.   It offers new opportunities, especially for new start-up competitors.

There are lots of people predicting what is going to happen in cloud computing, which is an indication it is still a big buzzword in the industry.  The list below is certainly not all the Cloud Computing trend lists that are out there, but there are enough for you to get feel for what 2013 might hold for Cloud Computing.

Source Title of Article or Post
Business 2 Community Top 5 Cloud Predictions For 2013
Cisco Six Predictions for Cloud Collaboration in 2013
Cloud Times Forrester – Cloud Predictions for 2013
ComputerWorld.in 2013: Year of the Hybrid Cloud
ComputerWorldUK 10 cloud predictions for 2013
CTO.Vmware.com 2013 Predictions: Open Cloud Standards
DataCenter Knowledge 2013: The Year of the Cloud Architect
DataCenter Knowledge A Crystal Ball on the Cloud: Predictions for 2013
Forbes 7 ‘Half-Baked Ideas’ on Where Cloud Will Take Us in 2013 and Beyond
Forbes First Steps to Creating a Cloud Computing Strategy for 2013
Forbes Cloudy Skies Ahead: 3 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2013
Forrester 2013 Cloud Predictions – We’ll finally get real about cloud
Gartner Gartner Says Worldwide Platform as a Service Revenue Is on Pace to Reach $1.2 Billion
Gartner Gartner 2013 Sfotware as a Service Predictions
IDC By 2016, Cloud Services will Become an Everyday Sourcing Option for CIOs and LOB Managers, Says IDC
IDC U.S. Public IT Cloud Services Revenue Projected to Reach $43.2 Billion in 2016, According to IDC
InfoWorld Cloud Computing in 2013: Two Warnings
Liaison Technologies Liaison Forecasts Top Cloud, Integration, and Managed Services Predictions for 2013
MSPmentor.net Mobility and Hybrid Clouds Top Tech Trends in 2013
Network World 2013: Year of the hybrid cloud
Network World 10 Cloud Predictions for 2013
Rackspace Cloud Predictions For 2013
RedHat The Red Hat 2013 Cloud Computing Predictions
SAP 2013 Cloud Predictions [Feature]
sourcedigit.com Data Center & Cloud Computing Trends 2013 & Beyond
ThreeWill Predictions – Personal Cloud
VentureBeat The top 10 trends in enterprise cloud for 2013
VentureBeat 5 Enterprise Cloud Predictions for 2013
Venturebeat.com The top 10 trends in enterprise cloud for 2013
Venturebeat.com How the cloud will evolve beyond ‘cheap and deep’ in 2013
VMBlog.com Rackspace: Five Cloud Predictions For 2013
VMBlog.com VirtualSharp Software 2013 Predictions: What’s Next in the Cloud Era
VMBlog.com 2013 Cloud Computing Predictions from the CohesiveFT Team
VMBlog.com SaaS Markets Prediction: SaaS App Marketplace Poised for Explosive Growth in 2013

Tomorrow (yes, I know it’s Saturday) I will post my list of trends and prediction articles that I have collected around the Social Media / Social Business topic.