2014 Technology Trend Webinars from Sept-Nov

imageYesterday in my post “2014 Technology Trend Webinars in December” I provided a list of upcoming technology analyst webinars during the month of December that can provide you with overviews of analyst trend and predictions for 2014.    In this post today I am providing a list of similar webinars that have already occurred over the last few months.  If you are interested in staying on top of technology trends, these are great webinars to review.  

All these webinars have been recorded and archived, so you can access on demand via the analyst websites.  The title of the webinars are hot linked so you can just click on the ones you want to view.  These should all be free webinars, but you may need to register on the website if you have not done that already.  Enjoy!

27 Aug 2013 Yankee Group  M2M Market Trends and Opportunities

05 Sep 2013 Deloitte   Gamification Goes to Work: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards

25 Sep 2013  Gartner   Mobile Trends and Issues From 2013 to 2016

26 Sep 2013  Gartner   Cool Vendors 2013: The Nexus Grows and Challenges Current IT Assumptions

01 Oct 2013  Gartner    3D Printing: The Hype, Reality and Opportunities Today

03 Oct 2013  Gartner    Ten Trends and Technologies to Impact IT Over the Next Five Years

03 Oct 2013 Deloitte  Marketing’s Digital Renaissance and the CMO’s Evolving Role

23 Oct 2013  Gartner    Information, Analytics and Big Data Trends and Opportunities

05 Nov 2013  Yankee Group    Mobile Metrics That Matter: 10 Data Points That Will Define the Next Wave of the New Mobile Economy

06 Nov 2013  Gartner   Gartner Predicts a Disruptive IT Future

07 Nov 2013 Deloitte  Cognitive Computing: Can Computers Learn from Experience?

08 Nov 2013  Gartner   The Internet of Everything: Business Models and Scenarios

12 Nov 2013  Gartner   Top Security Trends and Take-Aways for 2013/2014

15 Nov 2013  Gartner  What Your Network Security Will Look Like in 2018

19 Nov 2013  Gartner   The Big Data Opportunity: What Does it Mean for CSPs?

19 Nov 2013  Gartner  Emerging Trends Radar Screen

21 Nov 2013  Gartner  Through the Nexus Looking Glass: Microsoft, Google and Apple