Tech Trends To Watch In 2017

All the HorizonWatch Trend Reports for 2017 have been loaded to Slideshare.  I’ll start featuring them one by one here on separate posts.

The first Trend report is the overview report (embedded from Slideshare below).  It is divided up  into two parts.   The first part of this deck provides a brief view into a few really interesting trends that I feel are important to watch over the next 10-50 years.  The slow march of automation that started a couple of centuries ago will impact labor and commerce in new and different ways.  Thus you will see slides on Industrial Automation, Robots, Intelligent Transportation, and the Future of Work.  

The second half of the deck provides an overview of the important foundational technolologies that make up the current information technology platform in 2017.   You will find a slide that covers the key trends in each of those foundational technologies. 

This report is best read/studied and used as a learning document.  So I encourage you to download it and view the slides in slideshow mode so you can easily follow the links



This presentation (Tech Trends to Watch in 2017 ) will be available publically on Slideshare at

Please note the fine print: This report is based on internal IBM analysis and is not meant to be a statement of direction by IBM nor is IBM committing to any particular technology or solution.