Trends to Watch in Cloud Computing for 2017

The concept of cloud and enabling technologies have been around for long time. However, we are entering the second decade of the modern cloud computing trend.  The focus is clearly on leveraging cloud computing for business value. .

At the bottom of this post I have embedded an external version of the IBM Cloud Computing Trend Report for 2017 that our internal HorizonWatch team developed below. This Trend Report provides an overview on the Cloud Computing trend and what to watch out for in 2017. Summary information about the Cloud Computing trend is provided along with trends to watch, drivers, adoption challenges and many links to additional resources.

The Trend Report covers six important trends to watch in 2017.

  1. Convergence of IaaS and PaaS Cloud Services: The IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) cloud service models are converging to a single, unified model that combines these services as an integrated IaaS+PaaS offering which will disrupt existing markets.
  2. AI and IoT use cases drive cloud adoption: Artificial intelligence in the cloud promises to be the next great disrupter as computing is evolving from a mobile-first to an artificial intelligence-first model.
  3. Industry Clouds will be one of the fastest growing segments: The industry cloud market is growing fast, with dozens emerging each month throughout many industries.
  4. Containers will alter cloud platform and management strategies: Linux containers, popularized by Docker, are becoming available in every major public and private cloud platform. This will mean that organizations will be rethinking their PaaS, container orchestration and cloud management needs.
  5. Hybrid Cloud Services/Platforms. Hybrid cloud – and hybrid IT – is the end game for the majority of enterprises. Integration and management are complicated driving enterprises to seek help from service providers.
  6. Cloud hyperscale providers grow: Hyperscale providers will continue to leverage scale-driven benefits, to expand their geographic footprint, develop user-requested capabilities, attract partners, and command market attention.

Below is the Trend Report.  Enjoy.