30 Analytics Trends and Predictions Lists for 2013

Analytics - insight Today I have another list of articles and blog posts that focus on trends and predictions for 2013.   Today I focus on Analytics.

When I first started at IBM I was selling small computers to small businesses which had never had a computer before.  The one application that helped sell many of those systems was Sales Analysis.  The small business owners were always excited to see the types of Sales Analysis reports available because it was too hard to develop those types of Sales Analysis reports manually.

Today, analytics continues to be an important trend in the IT Industry.  There is allot of focus being placed on Analytics because the amount and type of data has grown exponentially.  Today’s businesses must implement new analytical solutions and develop new skills in order to generate the intelligence and insight necessary to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

Leading-edge businesses are embracing advanced analytics that can help them identify their most profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, optimize supply chains and pricing, and identify the true drivers of financial performance.

Here then, is a list of 30 articles that provide information on what the important trends are within the Analytics space over the next year.  Come back tomorrow and I will have another similar post on another important trend for 2013.

Source Blog / Article Title
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