About Me

Dad and I in 2008. Combined, we have worked for IBM for 73 years.

I’ve been an IBMer for what seems like forever and love working for this great company which has done so many good things for so many people.
I joined IBM 6 months before the IBM PC was announced. Back then, IBM was a thought of as a hardware company.  Today, we are truly a business services company, but sometime in between, we became a software company.   So I have seen IBM transform itself a number of times in order to meet customer needs more effectively and efficiently.  The picture to the right is me with my dad, who also worked for IBM.
Early on at IBM I had a 10 year career in Sales and Sales Management positions before going back for my MBA.  That experience helped me transition my career into Marketing. I’ve held various management and professional roles focused on Marketing Management, Corporate Business Strategy, and Marketing Research, but for the last 13 years my focus has really been in the area of secondary and competitive research.  If you want more detail on my work history, check out my LinkedIn profile at  http://www.linkedin.com/in/whchamb

Presenting to students at Notre Dame’s Foresight class

Most of the work I do involves research, analysis and insight reporting on emerging trends and business opportunities that will impact B2B companies, Governments and the Information Technology Industry in the near and distant future.  I’ve written about all sorts of technology topics over the years.  Some examples include, Web2.0, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Cloud Computing, and Smarter Planet technologies. From 2010-2013, I helped establish and grow an internal Social Insights department at IBM.  During that time period, I spent a great deal of time researching and analyzing Social Media Marketing and Social Networking strategies of B2B companies in the Information Technology Industry.  Lately I have been focused on researching topics like Internet of Things, Wearables, Cognitive Computing, and Robots.  My focus is always on the enterprise markets, but I am curious about consumer markets as well.

I’ve been blogging and sharing my thoughts on emerging trends since 2006. If you’d like to get in contact with me, head on over to the Contact Me page. There you will find a way to get a hold of me.
Note: My writings and posts here are my own views and not the views of of my employer.