AdAge: 5 Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch In 2010

ad age_logo Mobile is such a megatrend.  Mobile technologies, applications and services will be big a big story in 2010 and this shift in computing will impact our lives forever.  That is a fact we can not deny.   So I have my radar tuned to any content that helps me understand the underlying drivers and trends.

AdAge recently had an article titled Five Mobile Trends for 2010 that caught my eye.  It provides us with a perspective of the mobile megatrend from those in the advertising industry.  The two authors Dan Neumann (Organic) and Allison Mooney (MobileBehavior) have been focusing on the mobility trend and the impact it will have on advertising.  The article provides their thoughts on the key trends.

Here’s my summary of the five trends they see…

  1. Local Advertising.  Mobile will completely revolutionize the way local advertisers can connect with potential customers.  Mobile search and location based services will allow small local retailers and service providers to reach consumers like they’ve never
  2. Shopping Applications.  The growth in adoption of mobile shopping applications (apps such as price comparison, user product reviews, coupons) will continue to alter in-store consumer behavior. 
  3. Branded Apps and Display Media.   The authors expect that brands and agencies will continue to build their own branded apps.  However thanks to Google, they will also have more attractive display media options.  The authors say to watch out for Google as it attempts to one-up the iPhone app experience.
  4. Outdoor Advertising.   The authors give a few examples of where mobile users can now interact with outdoor ads and signage, opening up a whole new set of opportunities for advertisers.
  5. Social Provides Instant Feedback.  Social technologies give users the ability to express their opinions anywhere, anytime.   Companies need to figure out how to embrace this as part of their marketing process, encouraging and acting on the real-time feedback.

Some interesting trends along with a unique perspective from the advertising industry.  I think it is safe to say that Google has an iron-clad plan to grab their share of the mobile advertising market. 

4 thoughts on “AdAge: 5 Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch In 2010

  1. Thank it gives me more insight, do you think companies like MobGold, Admob will also follow this trends too ?

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  3. Good post. I think this Advertising Age article will be relevant not only for 2010 but more than likely for 2011 and beyond. Businesses and companies are only now beginning to realize the effect of social media and have set up a respective company page. But they are not engaging and communicating as effectively as they could be. The same can be said for mobile advertising. Success rates are notably high versus more traditional marketing methods and the geo-targeting can be particularly useful for businesses and their key sites.

  4. Mobile advertising is a quickly advancing new service. From a simple text and picture message, mobile ads have boomed into a series of applications that get the attention of the consumers. The good thing about mobile advertising is that it communicates on a personal level. Consumers feel they are being updated on the new products and/or services of the brand. It is direct and also cost-efficient.

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