Analytics: IBM Websites, Reports, White Papers and Social Sites

Smarter Analytics Analytics is a hot trend in the industry, mainly because the amount of data that is available to business users has grown exponentially.  Today’s businesses must deploy new analytical solutions to produce the required intelligence and insight necessary for the business to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.  Leading-edge businesses are embracing advanced analytics that can help them identify their most profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, optimize supply chains and pricing, and identify the true drivers of financial performance.

I see analytics being an important trend now for many years in the future.   The way I see it, the amount of data being created and stored will continue to increase (does anyone really think it is going to decline?).  Businesses that learn how to manage and analyze all that data and make it available in a format that executives and business users can make decisions from will be one step ahead of competition.  Certainly, if your company does not have a good strategy for analytics, then your leaders will be making decisions based more on gut feel vs. facts.

IBM has clearly called out analytics as an important trend for the company going forward.   So, as a service here to readers of this blog, I am providing direct links to IBM websites and the most current reports related to the Analytics trend.  The reports and sites below are all hotlinked.  If you see something that is missing, let me know and I will revise this post.

IBM Analytics Websites

IBM Analytics on Social Platforms

IBM Institute for Business Value Reports

IBM Redbook Redguides

Other IBM White Papers & Reports