Baseline: Top 10 Technology Trends for 2010

Baseline Top Trends A recent article written by Samuel Greengard in Baseline outlines the top tech trends for 2010.  The article is based on a survey conducted by Ziff Davis Enterprise Research with almost 1,200 technology and business managers.

  1. Green Computing and Energy Efficiency.  There’s been an increased commitment across IT manufacturers to produce Green IT products, data centers and end-user devices.
  2. Public and Private Cloud Computing.  Baseline mentions that IDC expects spending on IT cloud services to grow almost threefold, reaching $42 billion by 2012.
  3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  There’s been an increase in attention on VDI solutions.  However, VDI is more complex to implement than server virtualization. 2010 might be a turning point.
  4. Mobility, Telecommuting and Virtual Meetings.  Adoption of mobile computing devices (e.g. iPhones, BlackBerrys, netbooks, etc.) continues at a rapid pace.  Enabling this adoption is the availability of higher wireless bandwidth.  Concerns in 2010 will include control and security.
  5. Centralization, Standards and Governance.  This trend is a direct result of the economy downturn as IT departments try to deal with increasingly fragmented computing resources.
  6. Knowledge Sharing, Business Intelligence and Social Networking.  Web 2.0 continues to transform the way we collaborate and share information.  In 2010 organizations will start to recognize the tremendous value in online communities, Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and other services.
  7. Security, E-Discovery and Business Continuity.  There are growing need in these areas, but cost remains a big issue.
  8. Advances in Application Infrastructure.  The open source movement continues it’s momentum, playing a more and more important role in today's computing world.
  9. Investments in Hardware Infrastructure.  Virtualization has directly impacted the state of hardware infrastructure consolidation. In 2010 watch what impact Intel’s Nehalem processor will have.  Also watch how Fibre Channel over Ethernet and solid-state drives will impact the virtualization trend.
  10. Collaboration, Workflow and Productivity.  The 2010 story will be focused on how mobile apps impact productivity and workflow.  This should be a huge trend. We are rapidly moving beyond e-mail into content and collaboration applications.

You can read the full article (contains a real good writeup) by going to 10 Trends for 2010 – Piecing Together a Strategy