Big Data: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

I’ve embedded my slide deck from Slideshare titled Big Data:  A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report below.  This 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report provides an overview on the Big Data trend.  Summary information about the Big Data trend is provided along with many links to additional resources. 

So what is Big Data?  To me, it refers to how we collect, store, and manage information that comes into an enterprise so that it can be harvested for analysis, insight generation, and decision making.

Big Data is hot right now because 10-15 years ago data was coming in from just a few sources, mainly customer transactions, supply chain transactions, and employee payroll.   Today, data is coming in from everywhere, including other computers and sensors.  In addition,  the huge growth of videos, pictures, audio, social media and other unstructured data is taxing the storage systems and information databases of many data centers.  IT and Business Leaders are trying to figure out how to manage Big Data and leverage it for analysis and decision making.

Trends in Big Data for 2013
Below is a list of 10 trends to watch out for in 2013 around the Big Data topic.

  1. Definition Does Not Matter: The focus turns towards implementation and value
  2. Cost as a Big Data Benefit:  Case studies demonstrate ROI of Big Data.  It is leaner, significantly reduces data integration costs, and opens the door for data exploration
  3. Analytics and Visualizaton: For those implementing Big Data, there will be an increased interest in Analytics and Visualization capabilities.
  4. Data Scientists:  There will be a rush to hire skilled Big Data Scientists, often via services like Kaggle, who are specialist in designing how a firm collects, stores, and manages big data.
  5. Increased Competition: IBM, EMC, SAP, SAS, and Oracle all increase competitive efforts, leading to better solutions and services
  6. Big Data as a Service:  Service Providers emerge to handle the whole stack.
  7. Data Protection:  CIOs implement automated systems to handle all replication, deduplication, backup, and restoration.
  8. Followers Left in Dust:  Organizations that do not implement Big Data solutions risk loosing their competitive edge.
  9. CMOs overwhelmed:  CMOs are not prepared to handle all the big data.  In 2013 marketing needs to learn to work better with IT
  10. Education and Training:  Big Data Services firms will offer extensive training and certification programs to try to help fill the shortages of skilled Data Scientists.

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