Big Data Resources: IBM Websites, Social Platforms, White Papers and Presentations

Big data Big Data has emerged as an important trend for enterprises.  Big Data refers to how we collect, store, and manage information that comes into an enterprise so that it can be harvested for decision making. 

The reason it is an important trend is that not only has the amount of data been increasing rapidly, but the type of data has been changing dramatically. 10-15 years ago data was coming in from just a few sources, mainly customer transactions, supply chain transactions, and employee payroll. Today, data is coming in from everywhere, including other computers, mobile devices, cameras, and sensors. In addition, the huge growth of videos, pictures, audio, social media and other unstructured data is taxing the storage systems and information databases of many data centers.  These trends continue to put pressure on IT departments to determine how best to design the storage infrastructure and the database warehouses in order to make it easy for the analytic tools to harvest the data for decision making.

There’s much to learn about the Big Data trend.  It is causing disruption not only in the technology tools themselves, but the processes and skills required to make sense of all the data and turn it into insights that can be used for decision making.  

To help you learn more about this trend, I’ve assembled the list of resources below.   There are links to current reports, websites, and social accounts all developed and managed by IBM.  If you see something that is missing, let me know and I will revise this post.

IBM Websites 

IBM Accounts on Social Platforms

IBM White Papers, Presentation and Other Content