Data Visualization: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

Embedded below is my deck from Slideshare titled Data Visualization: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report.   Enjoy!

Big Data and Analytics are such powerful trends in the media that Data Visualization often gets overlooked…or is an afterthought.  It should not be that way.  You can do a great job of implementing Big Data and Analytics solutions but if you can’t display the insights to decision makers in a format that helps them quickly understand the insights and the implications of those insights, then you are not helping them make business decisions.

Wikipedia defines Data Visualization as “the study of the visual representation of data, meaning “information that has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information.” Wikipedia (link)

I believe in 2013 we will see (we need to see) increased attention placed on the importance of Data Visualization as a separate important trend topic. The explosive growth in Big Data…both structured and unstructured is resulting in large databases and data warehouses that contain critical information that can aid in the process of making decisions. Advanced analytics software is getting better at pulling the insights out of that information, however Business Leaders need the insights presented in simple visual formats that aid and speed decision making. That’s where data visualization solutions can help.

Data Visualization Trends for 2013

  1. Awareness: In 2013, there will be increased awareness of the benefits of data visualization, leading to more requests for information, demos, and case studies.
  2. Growth: Focused vendors like Tableau and Spotfire continue to innovate and grow at a rapid pace as decision makers demand improved data visualization capability.
  3. Large Vendors: Larger IT vendors will increase investments in this market to complement Big Data and Analytic capabilities.
  4. Self Service: The self service trend extends to visualization tools as users want to be able to manipulate the data, simulating expected changes in data in real-time to see impact
  5. Mobile: There will be increased demand for data visualization capabilities on tablets and smartphones.
  6. Simple is Better: Most decision makers value simple over complex visualizations with lots of ‘bells and whistles’.
  7. Telling a Story: Visualizations that tell a story are preferred, resulting in a need for analysts who can craft a good story.
  8. Hall of Fame: Vendors develop websites that highlight best of breed visualization examples to help educate and sell.
  9. Augmented Reality: AR is still an emerging technology, but enterprises will continue to experiment with it as a way to display information in real-time and context aware situations.
  10. 3D Visualizations: Used in product development for years, 3D is being increasing applied to business analytics as a way of helping decision makers understand insights in big data.

Data Visualization – A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

Business Analytics: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

Analytics continues to be an important trend in the IT Industry and those companies that focus on establishing a strong analytics capability will be more competitive in the future.

The amount of Big Data being created, collected and stored with our IT infrastructures is growing exponentially. New streams of digital, social, and sensor sourced data is now filling up databases and data warehouses. At the same time, executives are wanting and needing deeper knowledge and insights on all aspects of their business. The execs know that the data exists within their data center that can help them make better business decisions but they need the capability to be able to harvest insights that will help them make better decisions. 

Leading-edge businesses are embracing advanced analytics that can help them identify their most profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, optimize supply chains and pricing, and identify the true drivers of financial performance.

Trends in Analytics for 2013

There’s so much going on in the field of business analytics.  Here are a few of the important trends to watch in 2013

  1. Customer Analytics: Personalized, cross-channel, customer-driven analytics will drive new focus on delivering individualized, personalized digital experiences 
  2. Mobile Analytics. Increased use of mobile will drive requirement for analytics applied to mobile generated data
  3. Social and Textual Analytics. Moving beyond batch listening, Social Business Managers want to be able to analyze social conversations and influencer networks in real time.
  4. Predictive Analytics: New innovative applications of advanced algorithms and modeling techniques will advance the science of predictive analytics.
  5. Real-Time Analytics. As decision makers get a taste for what can be done, they will want that information faster…..and eventually in real time
  6. Interest Grows in Data Visualization: Enterprises learn that managing and extracting insights from Big Data is not enough…you need to be able to display the insights for decision makers.
  7. Self- Service: Decision makers will increasingly want access to simple to use analytic tools that provide visualization rich output. Oh….and they want that output on their tablet.
  8. Hadoop matures: Hadoop functionality improves and CIOs begin to consider it for mission critical applications
  9. Data Scientists: There will be a rush to hire skilled Big Data Scientists, often via services like Kaggle.
  10. Education and Training: Big Data & Analytic Services firms will offer extensive training and certification programs to try to help fill the shortages of skilled Data Scientists.

My Business Analytics Trend Report

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Big Data: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

I’ve embedded my slide deck from Slideshare titled Big Data:  A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report below.  This 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report provides an overview on the Big Data trend.  Summary information about the Big Data trend is provided along with many links to additional resources. 

So what is Big Data?  To me, it refers to how we collect, store, and manage information that comes into an enterprise so that it can be harvested for analysis, insight generation, and decision making.

Big Data is hot right now because 10-15 years ago data was coming in from just a few sources, mainly customer transactions, supply chain transactions, and employee payroll.   Today, data is coming in from everywhere, including other computers and sensors.  In addition,  the huge growth of videos, pictures, audio, social media and other unstructured data is taxing the storage systems and information databases of many data centers.  IT and Business Leaders are trying to figure out how to manage Big Data and leverage it for analysis and decision making.

Trends in Big Data for 2013
Below is a list of 10 trends to watch out for in 2013 around the Big Data topic.

  1. Definition Does Not Matter: The focus turns towards implementation and value
  2. Cost as a Big Data Benefit:  Case studies demonstrate ROI of Big Data.  It is leaner, significantly reduces data integration costs, and opens the door for data exploration
  3. Analytics and Visualizaton: For those implementing Big Data, there will be an increased interest in Analytics and Visualization capabilities.
  4. Data Scientists:  There will be a rush to hire skilled Big Data Scientists, often via services like Kaggle, who are specialist in designing how a firm collects, stores, and manages big data.
  5. Increased Competition: IBM, EMC, SAP, SAS, and Oracle all increase competitive efforts, leading to better solutions and services
  6. Big Data as a Service:  Service Providers emerge to handle the whole stack.
  7. Data Protection:  CIOs implement automated systems to handle all replication, deduplication, backup, and restoration.
  8. Followers Left in Dust:  Organizations that do not implement Big Data solutions risk loosing their competitive edge.
  9. CMOs overwhelmed:  CMOs are not prepared to handle all the big data.  In 2013 marketing needs to learn to work better with IT
  10. Education and Training:  Big Data Services firms will offer extensive training and certification programs to try to help fill the shortages of skilled Data Scientists.

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Internet of Things: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

My Internet of Things: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report is available for you to download out on Slideshare.  I’ve embedded it below.

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to everyday physical objects that have embedded sensors, actuators and chips in them that allow the capture and communication of data.  These devices are then linked through both wired and wireless networks to the Internet.  The IoT trend is all about enabling these devices and then using the information collected as a result as a tool to make our lives better and help us make better decisions.  The IoT is therefore seen by many as an ultimate solution for automating business processes — in the real-world and in real-time.

If you look around your own home,  you will see that sensors are being embedded in all sorts of ‘things’ from fitness monitors, to cars, to appliances.   There are forecasts from industry analysts that say there will be up to 100 billion uniquely identifiable objects connected to the Internet by 2020.  Many of these devices will be able to talk to other devices and computers without any human intervention.  Enterprises can deploy their own sensor networks, building sense and respond systems that can work autonomously.  Some say that the IoT will be the most disruptive technological revolution since the advent of the World Wide Web.

Trends to Watch in 2013 for the Internet of Things

  1. Thank you IPv6!: Connectivity and Communications of IoT is enabled by IPv6, which is replacing IPv4.
  2. It’s About Sensors: They are getting smaller, smarter, and cheaper….and there are billions of them.
  3. Machine to Machine: Sensor and systems of sensors talking to each other and data centers via wireless communications
  4. Like A Nervous System: IoT can enable an automated sense and respond system for any business process or application.
  5. Big Data to get Bigger: All these ‘things’ (sensors) will produce even more data than we have now, taxing our already complex enterprise Information Management systems.
  6. IoT Analytics: Advanced analytics and dashboards will be needed to provide insights from all the ‘things’.
  7. Clouds that Scale: Some IoT systems and networks may have to scale quickly and autonomously.
  8. CIOs Need to Prepare: CIO Leaders and Innovators will begin strategizing how to best make use of IoT for their organizations.
  9. Education Needed: Expect increased demand for education and skills training related to Sensor Networks and what to do with the data collected.
  10. Product Design: Consumers and Customers will increasingly expect products to come with embedded sensors.

The IoT Trend Report

Gamification: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

My Gamification: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report has been pretty popular out on Slideshare so I thought I’d post about it here.

Gamification can be defined as the emerging trend of applying game-design techniques to non-game situations and applications.  The recent hype around Gamification is how enterprises are beginning to employ gaming techniques to business processes.  The main objective with gamification is influence employee or customer behavior in order to motivate them, in a fun and entertaining way, to solve a problem or execute a business process.  There are many potential applications of Gamification across all business processes.  Gartner has said that they believe 70% of the Fortune 2000 corporations will have implemented a Gamification application by 2014. 

Trends in Gamification for 2013

  1. Gamification Grows Up:  As the media buzz from 2012 continues, case studies highlight successful uses of gamification and Business Leaders realize there is business value.
  2. Designing for Success:  Case Studies and Industry Best Practices will reveal significant differences in design requirements depending on desired outcome.
  3. Gamification is not easy:  Successful implementations of Gamification can require significant upfront planning and design work.
  4. Integration with Mobile, Social & Collaboration Platforms:  Users increasingly prefer gamification efforts that are integrated with existing mobile, social and collaboration platforms.
  5. Large Enterprise App Vendors Experiment:  Expect large application vendors to experiment with embedding Gamification techniques directly into business applications.
  6. Gamification Analytics:  Expect innovative uses of analytics to understand how to optimize gamification techniques in order to influence behavior.
  7. Significant Benefits: In 2013, there will be increased industry case study examples that demonstrate the value a cohesive, connected and playful team can achieve via gamification.
  8. Skills and Training:  Large enterprises will look to invest in developing skilled resources in Gamification design and development.
  9. Gamification Services: Lack of experience with Gamification will drive increased interest in Gamification Consultants.

The Trend Report

Check out the embedded slides below or go download a copy for your own use.

Bring Your Own Device: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

The past year has been characterized by the consumerization of IT for most businesses, and the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets entering the workplace continues to intensify.  The BYOD trend refers to the enterprise policy of allowing employees to use their personally owned devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) to access enterprise information and applications.  In 2013, companies will need to have policies and solutions in place to ensure cost-effective, productive and efficient bring your own device (BYOD) workplaces.

2013 Trends in BYOD

  1. Number of Devices: Many workers today are carrying three devices: Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.
  2. Diversity of Devices: Different manufacturers and different operating systems.
  3. Increased IT Responsibilities: IT departments ramp up to handle Mobile Device Management and Security requirements
  4. Best Practices / Case Studies: As BYOD programs increase, demand will increase for industry-wide best practice and case study documentation.
  5. Geographic Differences: BYOD programs need to be customized by geographic region.
  6. Moble Device Policies: Enterprises develop guidelines/standards for employees to follow
  7. Mobile Workforce Training: Leading edge organizations develop and provide mobile device and mobile app trainings as part of their BYOD program
  8. What’s the ROI of BYOD?: With the increased Mobile Device Management requirements, look for CFOs to evaluate whether BYOD really saves any real money

BYOD Trend Report

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Digital Marketing: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

My Digital Marketing:  A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report is now available out on Slideshare and I’ve embedded the slides this post below (see bottom of post).  This report contains summary information as well as insights into what trends we might see around the Digital Marketing topic during 2013.

The marketing profession is undergoing a transformation thanks to the ever changing landscape of digital technology.  Marketing professionals have to stay current on how developments in the area of cloud, mobile, social, video, big data and analytics will impact the marketing profession.  2013 promises to be another interesting year as the technology trends just mentioned are all very hot.  It’s not a stretch to say that CMOs and Marketing Departments are a little over their head.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2013

  1. Advanced Analytics: Social, Customer, Mobile, Web
  2. Influencer Marketing:  Cultivating influencers into advocates
  3. Content Marketing:  Content designed to educate vs. sell
  4. Blogging:  Expect a resurgence in blogging with a focus on delivering thought leadership and education.
  5. Mobile Marketing:  Pilots should be over by now.  Time to deploy apps that deliver business value across critical business processes.
  6. Social Media Marketing:  Pull in the reins, cleaning house, and re-focus on relationships
  7. Video Marketing:  Integrating Video into all Content Marketing efforts
  8. Personalization: Driven by big data and advanced analytics
  9. Digital Experience:  Optimizing the cross-channel customer digital experiences
  10. Digital Skill Shortages:  Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
  11. CMO / CIO Partnership:  Redefining relationships and  setting goals together

Digital Marketing: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

Social Business: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

I’ve posted my Social Business:  A 2013 HorizonWatch Trend Report out to Slideshare and have embedded the report at the bottom of this post.  The report provides an overview of the Social Business trend and what we might expect to see happen in 2013.  The report contains summary information as well as many links to websites, reports, videos, and other resources to help you learn more about Social Business.

Social Business is really not about the technology, it’s about connecting people.   It is clear that social collaboration is changing the way business is being conducted.  Over the next 10-15 years, social computing capability will become part of every business function within the company.  Social capabilities will become embedded in every single website, computing device for every participant in every single business transaction.  All participants involved in a company’s business processes and transactions will have the ability to share content, comment on content, rate/vote on content, and collaborate in an open and sharing environment. 

Top Trends in Social Business for 2013
Here are some key trends I see happening in Social Business over the next 12 months.

  1. It’s more than Social CRM: Social Business capability is increasingly embedded into all traditional applications.
  2. CEO (and Senior Execs): Finally realize it’s not a fad, but a new way of doing business. They step up to owning the transformation challenge.
  3. CIOs take more of an interest: Driven by CEO/LOB interest as well as IT concerns (security, integration, control, user experience, etc.).
  4. Processes start to change: It’s not about the technology, its about how we work.
  5. Analytics: New dashboard analytics and visualzations provide progress reports to execs on how the transformation is going
  6. Social Media Marketing: Enterprise Marketeers need to pull in the reins, clean house, and re-focus on relationship engagement.
  7. Renewed Focus on Owned Properties: Data ownership, security and control are a concern.
  8. Community Marketing: .com Communities spring up around every topic, every function, every business process. Many are mismanaged and will fail within 90 days after launch.
  9. Education & Training: Companies deploy tailored education to employees, segmenting them based on their needs and experience levels.
  10. Reward Programs: Gamification applied to social business results in socially active customers, employees and partners being more motivated, rewarded, and recognized.

Social Business:  A 2013 HorizonWatch Trend Report

Cloud Computing: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

I’ve embedded my Cloud Computing: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report from Slideshare below.  This HorizonWatching Trend Report provides an overview on the Cloud Computing trend and what to watch out for in 2013. Summary information about the Cloud Computing trend is provided along with many links to additional resources.

The cloud computing ‘buzz’ and “hype” is subsiding and there is focus now on how to leverage the technology for business value.  The three main types of clouds are private, public, and hybrid.  All three of these types of clouds are expected to grow significantly in 2013 as enterprises move from experimentation to implementing application solutions.  2013 will bring continued growth in all types of public, private and hybrid clouds.

Trends for Cloud Computing in 2013

  1. Growth:  Growth continues across the board in public, private, and hybrid clouds as benefits are too good to pass up.
  2. Private Clouds: The hype is over. Expect deployments to increase significantly in 2013.
  3. Hybrid Clouds:  Security and outages of public clouds drives demand.
  4. Public Clouds:  Competitors wishing to compete against Amazon in IaaS market must differentiate their services somehow.
  5. Mobile Clouds:  A whole new generation of cloud apps designed for mobile work force.
  6. Local Clouds:  Some clouds need to be managed at the local level in country (e.g. Finance & HR).
  7. Cloud Integration and Management:  IT shops will need help integrating and managing the growing number of Clouds used throughout the enterprise.
  8. Cloud Security:   IT departments need to stay on top of this.  Expect the market for Cloud Security Services to grow thanks in part to growth of BYO devices and apps. 
  9. Demand for Skills:  According to an IDC study, the demand for cloud computing will grow at six times the rate of IT skills overall.
  10. Impact on Role of CIO and IT Staff:  CIOs  need to secure, manage, and govern cloud services.  Gartner sees a new role – Cloud Brokerage Services.

Cloud Computing: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

Consumerization: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

I’ve posted my 2013 trend reports to Slideshare.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to access the trend report on Consumerization.

The Consumerization trend is all about driving innovation in technology from the perspective of the individual consumer or employee.  From an IT Industry perspective, it really got it’s start in the late 70’s and early 80’s with the announcement of Personal Computer technology for the Consumer.  Since then, a whole industry has exploded around the idea of serving the information technology needs of Consumers.  Increasingly, technology developed for the Consumer has made it’s way into enterprise I.T.

In today’s environment, the buzz around Consumerization is about employees who wish to use their tablets and smartphones to access enterprise information systems.  However, Consumerization is much more than just that.

Consumerization of IT in 2013

Here are some important trends to watch out for in 2013 around the topic of Consumerization

  1. Mobile Devices:  CIOs should expect new devices to be announced and adopted by users…who will want to use them to access enterprise information.
  2. Mobile Apps:  Enterprise Mobile developers copy consumer mobile app ideas as they try to provide similar capability for enterprise workers.
  3. Enterprise App Store:  Employees want the look and feel of their consumer app store…and not just for mobile apps, but for all computing apps.
  4. Collaboration Revolution:  Individuals increasing expect corporate collaboration and HR platforms to have capabilities they see in social tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, and Google+
  5. Cloudy Expectations:  More consumers are using increasingly sophisticated, cloud-based software to store and manage their personal information and they expect IT departments to deliver that same capability.
  6. Work from Home Employees:  This sometimes “forgotten” segment of enterprise workers increasingly demands improved collaboration, social, and unified communications tools
  7. Walking in the user’s shoes:   CIOs and IT departments need to understand the user’s perspective in order to design and deliver an experience that mirrors what consumers experience everyday.
  8. Rapid Innovation and Prototyping: Consumer technology advances at lightening speed. More IT Departments will try to become more agile and do the same for their users.
  9. Fun on the Job:  Consumer Games drive innovation in Enterprise Gamification
  10. Consumerization in Other Industries:   Consumerization is impacting Education, Healthcare, Banking, and other industries, causing CIOs in those industries to have to innovate.

The HorizonWatching 2013 Consumerization Trend Report

25 Articles Discussing 2013 Sustainability and Green IT Trends

Sustainability GreenITThe corporate sustainability trend continues to be important for future generations. There is an increased awareness that Information Technology will play an important part in sustainability efforts for governments as well as enterprises.  Government and business leaders alike are increasingly looking across their operations, to the products and solutions they sell, to the way they manage supplier relationships in order to understand how to better protect Mother Earth.  And these leaders are also looking for help from the Information Technology Industry to understand how their data centers can be more energy efficient and also how technology can help them improve their sustainability efforts across the whole enterprise and throughout their supply chain and distribution ecosystems.  

Information technology can play a big part in helping to eliminate wasted energy, wasted space, and wasted natural resources/materials.  New technologies are available that can help organizations become more energy efficient, implement new ways to source, manufacture and distribute goods and services in a more sustainable manner, and enable safe and renewable sources of energy.  There is no doubt that green computing and energy-efficient data centers has morphed from an appealing idea into an essential practice.  Skyrocketing energy costs and tight budgets, coupled with growing public and government pressure, have forced companies to put this issue on the front burner.  

So what are the main trends we should expect in 2013?  Overall…the focus continues to be reducing energy usage and improving utilization rates of existing infrastructure. But have a look at the following 25 articles, which can give you a feel for what is expected to happen in 2013.  

25 Articles Discussing 2013 Sustainability and Green IT Trends

Source Title of Article / Blog Post Where is green IT heading in 2013?
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32 Articles Discussing IT Security Trends for 2013

SecuritySecurity is one of the most important long term trends happening in the Information Technology Industry today. 

There so many challenges facing enterprise I.T. departments, many of which were just not a major challenge 10 years ago.  The advent of cloud, mobile, social, big data, other digital trends is taxing even the most secure enterprise I.T. infrastructure.  Enterprise IT systems are sending and receiving more information to partners, customers and external stakeholders over a wide variety of networks.    In addition to those disruptive and emerging technology  trends is the fact that the criminals and hackers out there are getting more and more sophisticated in their planning of cyber attacks.

Today, our world’s infrastructure is both more sophisticated and more interconnected than ever before – linking vast amounts of information and services in new ways, but also introducing more security complexities and challenges in roughly equal proportion. For this reason, it is no longer enough for organizations, or even entire governments, to try to address security strictly within their own enterprises.

The list below contains 32 articles and blog posts I found recently that discuss the important 2013 trends to watch out for within the overall I.T. Security topic.  Read a few of these and you will get a good idea of what challenges await CIOs and their staffs in 2013.

Source Title of Article / Blog Post Key Security Predictions For 2013: Kaspersky Lab McAfee’s Top 10 Threat Predictions For 2013 Verizon’s Data Breach Predictions For 2013
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CSO Global Information Security Survey 2013: Breaches, BYOD – and boy bands Beyond SDNs – Networking & Security in 2013 Top 10 enterprise security predictions from McAfee
eWeek BYOD, Social Media Among Top Security Threats of 2013

The Biggest Cybersecurity Threats of 2013 

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