Cloud Computing: IBM Websites, Social Media, White Papers and Reports

IBM Cloud Logo Cloud continues to be a very disruptive trend in the I.T. industry.   I’ve been following the buzz around Cloud Computing for almost 5 years now.  Back in 2008, it was the subject of many of my blog posts here.   While I am not focused on it like I was back then, I like to keep up to date on the IT and business issues related to the adoption of this trend. 

IBM has clearly called out cloud computing as one of the most important trends happening in the I.T. industry today and as a result produces lots of digital content for those like me who want to stay up to date.   

In 2011 I posted a popular blog entry titled “10 Cloud Computing White Papers From IBM”.  I thought I’d do something similar today.  So, as a service here to readers of this blog, I am providing direct links to the most current reports, websites, and social accounts related to the cloud computing trend.  The reports and sites below are all hotlinked.  If you see something that is missing, let me know and I will revise this post. Cloud Computing Websites 

IBM Cloud Computing Social Media & Platforms

IBM Cloud Computing White Papers, Studies & Reports

A visitor to the IBM websites will find lots of digital content to read and download.  I’ve gone out there for you, found the major reports and categorized them below into two categories.

For Business Leaders

For Technical Leaders