Consumer Electronics: Five Technologies to Watch in 2009

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently released the 2009 edition of their "Five Technology Trends to Watch   publication.  CEA analysts predict consumer electronics devices of tomorrow will be personalized and far more powerful than today's products.

The Five Trends…

The five sections to this years report are:

  1. Control Freaks? Technologies Change How We Interact with Consumer Electronics:  How do we use command and control technologies to interact with our Consumer Electronics?  In the first section, the publication takes a look at the command and control technologies that allow people to more naturally interact with consumer electronics.  From real-world products to prototypes still in the lab, this section examines some of the cutting-edge control mechanisms that may soon impact the human-machine relationship.  What do you think…Are we a control freak society?
  2. Ingredients for the Kitchen of Tomorrow: Power – Connectivity – Control:   Many pieces of the technology for the kitchen of ‘the future’ is available today.   This section looks into the kitchen of tomorrow, full of everything from flat-panel displays and Internet connectivity on refrigerators to appliances that manage energy efficiency and decide when to run.  The report forecasts that the kitchen may be the hub of the house, with the ability to control the consumption and management of energy throughout the house.
  3. Displays: A Look at the Next Wave of Innovation:  With the transition from analog to digital television nearing the final stages, a host of new display technologies will reach markets sooner than many realize.  Four areas of development worth watching closely include energy efficiency, enhanced experience and form factor, nonliving room uses and connectivity.
  4. The Future has Already Arrived: The Localization of the Internet:  As the world moves toward Web 3.0, the trend of Web-based applications like or software business tools such as will continue to have more personalized functionality directed at the end-user.  And further exploring the Web theme, in the contextual Web 3.0, devices will do much of the sorting, filtering, contextualizing and connecting of data currently done by individuals.  Devices will begin to provide data in context with other available information residing elsewhere on the Internet.
  5. The Contextual Web:  The final section looks at how consumer technology is being used to further medical advances and diagnosis, the trend toward more efficient, energy-saving devices and even using video games to fight disease. 

About the CEA's Five Technology Trends To Watch Publication 

Produced by the Consumer Electronic's Association's market research analysts, Five Technology Trends To Watch, reviews the business of consumer technologies, software, retailing, expanding GPS services, the future of radio, and a special future section highlighting CE products on the horizon.

Geared toward industry professionals, the publication provides analysis of each of the five trends as well as market forecasts for the upcoming year.  Other topics covered for each trend include consumer perspectives, partnerships, key players and public policy issues.

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