Deloitte: Seven Technology Predictions for 2010

Deloitte 2010 Tech Predictions Every year, Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Industry group publishes a set of predictions for the coming year.  So I was interested in taking a look at what was on their list for 2010 predictions. 

High on the list of predictions is the continued impact of the consumerization of IT, especially the trend where employees want their consumer devices to be able to access the corporate network.  Other hot trends include the rapid rise of mobile VOIP, mobile search, and advances in green technologies.

The Deloitte TMT team actually provides prediction lists in each of the three areas (Technology, Media & Telecommunications.  In this post I will focus on the predictions for Technology and save the media and telecommunications predictions for a potential future post.

Here’s a summary of Deloitte’s technology predictions

  1. Smaller Than A Netbook And Bigger Than A Smartphone: Net Tablets Arrive:  While the buzz last year was on netbooks, Deloitte says tablets will be the big story of 2010
  2. Moore’s Law Is Alive And Well In 2010.  Deloitte predicts the focus will be on developing chips that use less electricity, cost less, and are smaller.
  3. Cloud Computing:  More Than Hype, But Less Than Hyper.  Deloitte says growth will be strongest in consumer and SMB segments and has advice for cloud providers trying to reach large enterprise and government clients.
  4. Thinking Thin Is In Again:  Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) Challenge The PC.  Deloitte says 2010 could be a breakout year for VDI, with over 1million seats going thin.
  5. IT Procurement Stands On ITs Head.  IT will need to be more flexible as employees want their consumer devices to be able to access the corporate network.
  6. CleanTech Makes A Comeback, But Solar Stays In The Shadows.  Deloitte says Cleantech investments will grow in 2010, thanks in part to government spending.
  7. From Gray To Green:  Technology Reinvents Cement.  IT’s impact on reducing global CO2 emissions and construction costs can be significant.

With the Apple announcement looking like it is going to happen this week, I guess prediction number one is all lined up and ready to be realized.  The other 6 are good predictions/trends to highlight.   Numbers 6 and 7 are important, but I’m not sure our governments will continue to plow stimulus dollars into the economy.

For more information, you can access pdf reports of the technology predictions.  Deloitte offers both a summary report  and a longer detailed report.   For more on the Deloitte TMT predictions, check out the Deloitte Predictions website or listen to the 12 minute podcast

I’ve embedded the summary report mentioned above that I found out on slideshare.