Deloitte: Survey Of U.K. CFOs Reveals Guarded Optimism For 2010

Deloitte CFO survey Here’s a view from the UK.  Deloitte just published results from their most recent survey of UK CFOs.  The Deloitte CFO Survey, launched in September 2007, is a quarterly survey of CFOs and Group Finance Directors of major UK companies.  128 large enterprise CFOs took part in the latest survey, carried out in December 2009.

Here’s a summary of the results

  • CFO optimism about the financial prospects for their companies has reached the highest level since the Deloitte CFO Survey began over two years ago;
  • CFO concerns about shortages of liquidity and credit have reduced substantially, indicating that the liquidity and funding crisis has eased;
  • 78% CFOs think the UK banking system is strong enough to sustain the recovery;
  • Nonetheless, fears of an economic “double dip” are widespread;
  • 48% of CFOs cite the economy as their biggest concern in 2010;
  • CFOs’ top priorities for 2010 are reducing costs and increasing cash flow
  • But CFOs are also implementing expansionary strategies to boost revenues and capitalize on renewed growth in the economy;
  • CFOs rate equity and bond issuance as offering far more attractive ways to finance their businesses than borrowing from banks.

For much more detail, you can download the full report that was published January 4, 2010: The Deloitte CFO Survey 2009 Q4 results. For more detail on the survey process itself, check out Deloitte CFO Survey.