eMarketer.com: Seven Media Predictions for 2010 from eMarketer’s CEO

emarketer-logo eMarketer is out with some predictions for 2010.  The article, written by Geoff Ramsey, CEO and Co-Founder of eMarketer, focuses on trends in advertising, media, and marketing. Here’s the seven predictions.

  1. During 2010, as US ad budgets crack open just a little, look for an accelerated migration of ad dollars from traditional to digital media.
  2. Even post-recession, aggregate media dollars will fail to return to former levels.
  3. Media consumption will continue to explode, becoming more distributed, personalized, and contextualized.
  4. Traditional advertising will  play a smaller role as paid content and hybrid models emerge.
  5. Advertising on social networks will never attract a large share of marketers’ ad dollars. Social marketing works best when it’s earned, not paid for.
  6. Marketers will be increasingly willing to trade off reach for deeper engagement.
  7. The classic interruption/disruption model of advertising will erode, if not fade away.

eMarketer, with its articles, charts and analysis, is a good source to validate media based trends   More information on each of these seven predictions can be found at Geoff Ramsey’s post at Seven Predictions for 2010 from eMarketer’s CEO