Emerging Technology Innovations In HealthCare and Life Sciences

IBM issued a press release about 3 weeks ago titled  "IBM Unveils Top Technology Innovations That Will Shape the Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences Over the Next Decade".  Perhaps you missed it too.  Here is a summary.

IBM announced a series of emerging innovations that have the potential to dramatically shift the landscape of healthcare and life sciences solutions for patients, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and the general public. These innovations are based on new research breakthroughs and emerging technologies from IBM’s Labs as well as through a legacy of storage, server and technology innovation and deep roots in the healthcare industry.

Over the next five to ten years, IBM predicts that the healthcare industry will experience radical shifts brought about by the following trends and technology innovations:

  • Secure sharing of patient data:  As we move toward the universality of electronic health records, the secure sharing of patient information and the interoperability of systems across regions, countries and the world become increasingly important. 
  • Fully-informed diagnosis:  The ability to share information among doctors, health care providers and hospitals will enable clinicians to compare records and diagnoses while preserving patient privacy, paving the way to faster, more comprehensive care 
  • Speeding drugs to market:  Advances in data mining and analysis will enable the development of targeted therapeutic drugs and medical treatments. 
  • Stemming the spread of pandemics:  New modeling tools will allow public health decision-makers to quickly identify and potentially prevent the spread of pandemics.

More information is available in the press release.  I can think of some others that did not make the list, like performance metrics, benefit/payment process transformation, human augmentation, robotic surgery, and simulation applications.