FoodChannel: Top Ten Food Trends for 2010

Top_10_Food_Trends_Story_Header Consumer based trends are always interesting to read up on.  Sometimes consumer trends can tell us something about related b2b trends.

Food Channel recently announced their annual predictions via an article Announcing Our Top Ten Food Trends for 2010 .  The list is developed by The Food Channel staff along with CultureWaves and the International Food Futurists.

Here’s the top ten trends.

  1. Keeping it Real.  A return to basic ingredients.
  2. Experimentation Nation.  Trend towards experimentation.  Look for new concepts to come and go.
  3. More in Store.  Trends towards a growth in grocery stores, particularly as private label assumes prominence.
  4. American, the New Ethnic.  The  latest flavors are coming from the great American melting pot.
  5. Food Vetting.   This trend says the public wants assurance that we are eating the right things.
  6. Mainstreaming Sustainability.  People and companies becoming sustainable because they want make a difference.
  7. Food with Benefits.  Ingredients designed to pump up the nutritional value.
  8. I Want My Umami.  Food as an adventure?  All about experimentation and a willingness to try new things. 
  9. Will Trade for Food.  A trends towards the barter system?
  10. I, Me, Mine.   this trend is all about rise of the individual.

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