Forrester: Seven Trends in Learning for 2010

forrester_logo Claire Schooley, a Senior Analyst at Forrester, recently published a post that caught my eye that provides a list of thoughts about trends in enterprise learning for 2010.  I found the post “Key Learning Trends for 2010: Are You Onboard?”  on Forrester’s Blog for Business Process and Applications Professionals.

Here’s a quick summary of the trends on Shooley’s list of key learning trends for 2010

  1. Don't expect to see many new hires in learning even with an economic upturn. However, expect to see existing staff using  tools that allow them to learn quickly and save money. 
  2. Expect more learning from video but not the high-end, carefully edited videos. Look for short YouTube-type videos (rather than longer and high quality videos) that quickly shows a process or procedure
  3. Watch for podcasts and more formal Webinars to grow in use. Podcasts and recorded webinars allow employees the opportunity to learn when they want to learn.
  4. Provide a good search engine that enables users to find the content when they need it.  Learning search engines help employees find the learning module, document, or video they need.
  5. Make sure you also provide "people searching" capability, sometimes called expertise location. This capability will continue to grow in importance, but requires employees to keep their profiles updated.
  6. Bring virtual classroom capabilities to your organization. Expect continued growth virtual and live online instruction as it brings people together online to share and learn.
  7. Expect mobile learning to increase.   The rise in the use of mobile technology and applications will drive the need for learning applications for mobile devices. 

Shooley points out that in 2010, learning will most likely be initiated by the learner and successful learning departments will have a blend of learning content, tools, applications and experiences available. 

Get the full detail by going to the post Key Learning Trends for 2010: Are You Onboard?