Forrester: Ten Predictions For The E-Reader/E-Book Market In 2010

forrester_logoThe HorizonWatch Community first did a report on e-paper way back in August of 2001.   Since then, I’ve been interested in following this technology.  

Announced in November, 2007, Amazon's Kindle thrust the adoption of e-paper technology and e-books into the big time.  The Kindle combines the paper-like reading experience on a handheld display and the ease of wireless technologies. Users can browse, select, purchase and download books, blogs and articles, and do it all on the go, without a PC. 

Forrester analysts Sarah Rotman Epps and James McQuivey recently published an article at giving us ten predictions for the e-book market in 2010.   Here’s the list…

  1. E Ink will lose its claim to near-100% market share for e-reader displays.
  2. Dual-screen mobile phones and netbooks will eat into e-reader demand.
  3. Apps will make non-reading devices more e-book-friendly.
  4. eReaders will get apps, too.
  5. Amazon will launch a suite of new touchscreen e-readers.
  6. B&N will steal market share from Amazon and Sony.
  7. E-book content sales will top $500 million in the U.S.
  8. E-textbooks will become more accessible, but sales will be modest.
  9. Magazine and newspaper publishers will launch their own apps and devices.
  10. China, India, Brazil, and the EU will propel global growth, but the U.S. will still be the biggest market.

The full article has much more text behind each of the ten predictions above.  Check it out “Ten Predictions For The E-Reader/E-Book Market In 2010