Forrester: Top 10 Trends in Enterprise Architecture

forrester_logo Forrester recently released a report by Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst titled: “The Top 10 Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2012 To 2014″ that caught my eye.   The report identifies trends that are expected to have a strong impact on IT over the next few years.

Forrester sorts the ten trends into four technology categories: Application platforms, integration, infrastructure and operations, and mobile computing,

Application Platforms

1. Elastic Application Platforms Emerge.  Automatically scaling processor and storage resources up or down, depending on workload.

2. Platform as a Service Crosses the Chasm.  Application-development tools abstracted from the underlying cloud infrastructure, freeing developers from many of the tedious details with which they would otherwise have to cope.


3. Data Services, Virtualization Reach Critical Mass.  Extending enterprise data warehouse or to operate in a multitechnology environment with a mix of physical and virtual data stores

4. Holistic Integration Enables Agile Enterprises.  More comprehensive tools to achieve application, process and data integration

5. Social IT Becomes Enterprise Plumbing.  Social interaction will become part of normal workflows, and applications must be architected from the inception to enable this

Infrastructure and Operations

6. Improved Virtualization Sets Stage for Private Cloud.  Expect more focus on virtualization maturity to raise utilization rates, standardization and automation.

7. Always On, Always Available Is the New Expectation.  Building highly available infrastructures that can deliver continuous services to end users by leveraging technology improvements such as cloud-based disaster-recovery services.

8. Network Architecture Evolves to Meet Cloud Demands.  Building fundamentally different networks to accommodate advances in server and storage virtualization that pave the path to cloud computing.

Mobile Computing

9. Personal Device Momentum Changes Mobile-Platform Strategy.  Information workers are an increasingly empowered group and will dictate the technology used to solve business issues.

10. ‘App Internet’ Ushers in the Next Generation of Computing.  Improvements in the underlying mobile-platform technology to fully enable context-aware and secure application-based mobile computing.

The full report can be accessed at “The Top 10 Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2012 To 2014

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  1. This most definitely NOT a list of EA trends, it is a list of EITA trends. VERY different.

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