Fortune: 4 Tech Trends To Watch

Fortune Magazine recently published an article, 4 tech trends to watch by Michael V. Copeland, a senior writer.  The premise for the article is to help investors find companies to invest in by advising them to find the companies best positioned to execute on massive shifts in the way consumers and businesses use technology.

With that piece of advice in hand, the article provides a discussion on four key technology trends that we should monitor.

  1. On-demand software.  Software as a service = software delivered over the internet = the wave of the future.
  2. The rise of the smartphone.   Smartphones are replacing traditional handsets.  Those companies controlling the smartphone ecosystem will have a huge advantage.
  3. Data, data, everywhere.  The companies that can capture, store, manage, and make sense of the growing volume of data are going to be sitting pretty in the coming decade
  4. Electricity gets smart.  Our electric grid needs an overhaul if it is to become smarter.

Check out the full article for more discussion and analysis of companies to watch