Friday Gadget: City Sheet

Every once in a while I go check the red dot award site (  The red dot awards are given out annually for excellence in design.  On my visit today I came across the City-Sheet concept design submitted by Yeon Haejung.  City Sheet

The City-Sheet is portable device designed for travellers who today can be seen carrying travel guidebooks while they are touring.   They use guide books and maps to help them plan out their day and provides more detailed information on tourist sites, public transportation, and restaurants. 

The City-sheet concept is an electronic ‘book’ that contains five ‘e-paper’ sheets that can display information.  While attached to a computer via a USB connection, users download information to the City-sheet.  The user can customize their route for the day, including potential sites they will see, stores they want to visit, museums, sporting events, and restaurants.  The City-sheet can rolled and perhaps placed in a bag or large purse. 

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While this concept design is certainly interesting, I think in the end it will not be successful in the market.  With the flurry of activity surrounding Google-Map mashup mobile applications along with recent augmented reality apps for i-phones and Android devices, I think in the end users will end up preferring to get their city travel information on their mobile device.