Friday Gadget: The Spruce Whale – An aircraft we’ll see in 2095?

BlueWhaleI’ve been doing these Friday gadget posts for almost three years now.  For me, these Friday gadget posts are not only about having fun on a Friday, but have always been about imagining the future.  What types of products will future generations have that will make their life easier?  In addition, how will emerging technologies play?

For this week’s post, I found a concept by designer Reindy Allendra for an aircraft we might see in 85 years.  Randy calls it the WB-1010 but affectionately also calls it the Spruce Whale (named after the famous Spruce Goose).  He’s entered the design into a KLM design contest.

According to the design specs, the WB-1010 (named after the Wright Brothers)  will be constructed from material made of thin layers of metal and glass fibre. Other featured include:

  • Ability to harvest wind energy into electricity.
  • An extractable robotic stand would also be used during the craft’s vertical landings.
  • Seats for more than 1500 people.
  • It can reach speeds of over 600mph
  • Helium injected in the body makes the plane lighter

For more, see Randy’s post at Yanko Design here

4 thoughts on “Friday Gadget: The Spruce Whale – An aircraft we’ll see in 2095?

  1. I’ve being searching about Aircrafts and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful 🙂 . I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog!

  2. Very unusual stuff but being optimistic of what technolgy can do in the future may result success. I don’t know “The Spruce Whale” will be look like in 2095. But I do believe this will be the best and future aircraft because of high technolgy.

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