Gartner: Disruptive Tech Trends To Watch

I attended a Gartner webinar a couple weeks ago that was titled :  Technology Trends you Can’t Afford to Ignore.   During the call, Raymond Paquet, Gartner Managing Vice President, provided a list of disruptive trends that Gartner says are reshaping the information technology and business landscape.  

Here is the list of 10 that were reviewed during the webinar. 

  1. Virtualization
  2. Data Deluge
  3. Energy & Green IT
  4. Consumerization & Social Networks
  5. Unified Communications
  6. Complex Resource Tracking
  7. Mobile & Wireless
  8. System Density
  9. Mashups & Portals
  10. Cloud Computing

As Gartner pointed out during the call, companies must identify the disruptive technologies that will impact their users and their business and develop plans to address these disruptions.  If your business does not have a process in place to identify the potential disruptive trends in your industry, then there is a good chance you will be caught off-guard when a trend suddenly turns your business model upside down.

Two months ago I blogged about another call Gartner had on disruptive trends.  Check that out at Gartner’s Latest List of Disruptive Technologies.  You’ll see that the list is the same as the one above.

An archive of the webinar is located here: Technology Trends you Can’t Afford to Ignore.  

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