Gartner’s Neil MacDonald: Six Information Security Trends For 2010

gartner logo Neil MacDonald is a vice president, distinguished analyst and Gartner Fellow in Gartner Research who maintains a blog on the Gartner Blog Network.

I came across Neil’s post “Six Trends That Will Further Reshape Information Security in 2010” when looking for trends on security.   The security trend has been on my radar for most of the 10 years of HorizonWatch.  It is such an important trend that I can only think will become much more important in the years to come. 

Neil says to watch the following trends in 2010 and in particular, he says that the convergence / combination of these trends will reshape the future of information security.  Here’s my summary of the trends Neil mentions in his blog post.

  1. Convergence onto Security Platforms:  Security controls need to be flexible enough to adapt as new threats arise.
  2. Virtualization:  Neil says that the virtualization of security controls will alter the information security landscape.
  3. Cloudification:    How to enforce an enterprise security policy in the cloud?
  4. Externalization:   How to be open, social and encourage secure collaboration with external entities?
  5. Consumerization:  Increasingly, employees want to use their consumer technology (systems and software) for business use. 
  6. Operationalization:  Need a strategy/R&D and an operational component to security.  The strategy / R&D team needs to have time and resources to tackle the new and emerging threats.

There’s one thought that I am not sure is captured in Neil’s list and that is the explosion of sensors, actuators and nodes in an enterprise network.   Security is, of course, not only a datacenter issue and our future security professionals need to be able to secure all devices, even down to the individual sensor level.

Check out Neil’s blog post “Six Trends That Will Further Reshape Information Security in 2010”.  His blog regularly interesting thought leadership regarding security trends.

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