HorizonWatching 2012 Trend Report: Consumerization

I’ve posted a trend report on Consumerization (as it relates to the Information Technology Industry) to Slideshare and embedded that deck at the bottom of this post.

The Consumerization trend is all about employees wanting to use the same technologies for business as they use in their personal lives.

Another name that’s being popularized in the media and on social networks right now is "Bring Your Own Device“ or BYOD. This refers to the desire of employees to use their favorite device of their choosing as the one they want to bring to work. However, I believe it is more than just “Bring your own device”. Consumerization is happening to technologies other than just mobile devices.

The reality is, in 2012 IT managers are feeling pressure to open their networks to all employee devices, but still manage to enterprise security and compliance levels. CIOs must develop new strategies to be able to handle all types of consumer devices, from smartphones to tablets. Often, the pressure being placed on the IT department first comes from executives and board members who love that new tablet they just got and want to be able to use it on the job.

The slides (embedded below) provide an overview and introduction to the Consumerization IT trend.  Summary information is provided along with many links to additional resources.   The slides are meant to be read/studied and the links are there for you to continue your learning.  You may want to view the slides in slideshow mode so you can easily follow the links.

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