HorizonWatching 2012 Trend Report: Sustainability & Green IT

I’ve posted a trend report on Sustainability & Green IT (as it relates to the Information Technology Industry) to Slideshare and embedded that deck at the bottom of this post.

Green computing and energy-efficient IT has morphed from an appealing idea into an essential practice. Skyrocketing energy costs and tight budgets, coupled with growing public and government pressure, have forced companies to put this issue on the front burner.

Energy and climate change related issues and what to do about them are being discussed today in corporate boardrooms. Business leaders wanting to find ways to reduce costs by minimizing energy usage, water usage, carbon emissions and waste. Technology can play a big part in the solutions to these great challenges.

In 2012, the focus continues to be improving utilization rates of the existing infrastructure and reducing energy usage of not only information technology resources, all corporate resources.  Also, increasingly, leading enterprises are realizing that a focus on sustainability can lead to competitive advantages.

The slides (embedded below) provide an overview and introduction to the Sustainability & Green IT trend.  Summary information is provided along with many links to additional resources.   The slides are meant to be read/studied and the links are there for you to continue your learning.  You may want to view the slides in slideshow mode so you can easily follow the links.

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  1. Obvious the climate changing is causing troubles. Summer is very hot, and emerging poor countries are suffering a lot from lack of nourishment supply which is going and growing.

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