HorizonWatching at Tumblr is one year old today

A little over a year ago, I started contributing to the Smarter Planet blog on Tumblr at http://smarterplanet.tumblr.com/.  The Smarter Planet blog on Tumblr is the brainchild of Jack Mason at IBM and it has been fun contributing to that blog for the past year.  That blog, and it’s sister blog on Tumblr, Smarter Cities Scan is a great source for thought leadership content relating to emerging technologies and trends

As I started sharing content on the Smarter Planet blog, I found Tumblr (http://www.tumblr.com) to be an innovative platform for blogging.   I decided to start a HorizonWatching blog on Tumblr ( http://horizonwatching.tumblr.com/) to experiment with the Tumblr platform.  I wanted to have a place other than the HorizonWatching blog here on Typepad to experiment with content sharing.  

On the HorizonWatching Typepad blog I communicate my own insights and content.  I use the HorizonWatching blog on Tumblr to share other’s content (usually direct quotes, videos, webcasts, photos, etc) that I have found interesting.   I’ve also linked those Tumblr posts to a HorizonWatching page on Facebook

Today, I got an email from the Tumblr team indicating that I had been blogging a whole year.  I thought I’d use the occasion to introduce you to the HorizonWatching Tumblr blog and provide you with some direct links to some content I have posted on Tumblr. 

So to celebrate the 1st birthday to the HorizonWatching blog at Tumblr, check out some of links to the posts I have embedded below.

3 thoughts on “HorizonWatching at Tumblr is one year old today

  1. Hi Bill, I´ve been following your blog for about a year now. It is one of my main sources for innovation, ideas, and trends information. I made an innovation blog for spanish people at tumblr a few months ago, during the Earth day. My first post was “Welcome to the decade of the Smart” :). It´s really a pleasure for me to be quoted by you. Let´s hope we can make this planet a smarter place.

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