HorizonWatching: Index to 2010 Trends and Prediction Lists

HorizonWatching - Top Trends Index-2010 If you follow this blog regularly, you know I’ve been posting information on trends and predictions since early November.  I do this every year as it helps me become better informed about what trends are emerging and could impact businesses.

Every year from November through February, you see lots of trends and prediction lists coming out.  Many of the trends lists coming out are reputable…and some are a little off in ‘left field’.   Here on HorizonWatching, I’ve tried to cut through noise and provide you with blog posts here covering the higher quality trends lists.

I’ve gathered all 72 of my posts, categorized and sorted them, and created the indexed table below. 

These trends and prediction lists cover lots of different categories of emerging trends, technologies, and business issues.  The focus is on trends impacting businesses, so you will see a few consumer oriented trends lists.  By reading through them, you’ll get a flavor for what the most important trends will be in 2010. 

By becoming more aware of the emerging trends, you will be in a better position to be prepared for the future.  Enjoy!

Index to Trends and Prediction Lists for 2010

Category Title of Trend Post and Hotlink
Analytics Forrester: Five Advanced Analytics Predictions For 2010
Asia IDC: Asia Pacific (excl. Japan) Top Ten 2010 Predictions
Cleantech Cleantech Group: 10 Cleantech Predictions for 2010
Consumer FoodChannel: Top Ten Food Trends for 2010
Consumer Forrester: 10 Predictions For The E-Book Market In 2010
Consumer J. Walter Thompson: 100 Things to Watch in 2010
Consumer Marian Salzman: Top Ten 2010 Trends
Consumer TrendWatching: Ten Consumer Based trends for 2010
CPG IBM: Future of the Consumer Products Industry
CPG Seven Food Trends for 2010
Economy Deloitte: CFOs Reveals Guarded Optimism For 2010
Economy Global Insights: Top 10 Economic Predictions for 2010
Education Forrester: Seven Trends in Learning for 2010
Fin. Svcs IDC: 10 Predictions For Financial Services in 2010
General Canton: 20 Trends That Will Shape the World in 2010
General Global Location Trends Annual Report
Gov. IDC Insights: Predictions 2010 – Government Industry
Healthcare IDC Insights: Healthcare Top 10 Predictions for 2010
Marketing Landor: 2010 Trends and their impact on brands
Marketing MarketingProfs Community: 2010 Marketing Predictions
Marketing Nielsen: Top 10 Online Web Brands in America
Marketing seomoz: 8 Predictions for Search Engine Optimization
Media AdWeek: Top Digital Trends for 2010
Media Deloitte: Eight Media Predictions For 2010
Media eMarketer.com: 7 Media Predictions for 2010
Mfg. IDC Insights: 2010 Manufacturing Industry Predictions
Mfg. IDC Insights: Manufacturing PLM 2010 Predictions
Mfg. IDC: 2010 Predictions for Manufacturing Supply Chains
Mobile AdAge: 5 Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch In 2010
Mobile Gartner:Top Trends in Mobile Apps
Mobile Juniper Research: Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2010
Mobile Verizon: Top Ten Business Technology Trends For 2010
Mobile Yankee Group: 2010 Predictions
Retail IDC Insights: Retail Industry Predictions for 2010
Science Scientific American: 20 World Changing Ideas in Science
Science The Scientist: 2009 Top 10 Innovations
Science ThomasNet: 10 Exciting Inventions of 2009
Security Gartner’s Neil MacDonald: 6 IT Security Trends For 2010
Small Biz IDC: Worldwide SMB Market Top 10 Predictions 2010
Small Biz Steve Strauss: Top 10 Trends In Small Business
Social B2B Social Media Adoption Factors
Social Gartner: Five Social Collaboration Software Predictions
Social Linden Labs: What Will Second Life Look Like in 2020?
Social Scott Monty: Social Media Predictions for 2010
Social Six Social Media Trends for 2010
Software IDC: 2010 Predictions for Infrastructure Software
Storage IDC: Top 10 Storage Trends for 2010
Tech Baseline: Top 10 Technology Trends for 2010
Tech Deloitte: Seven Technology Predictions for 2010
Tech Feeding Edge: 7 Predictions For The Next Decade
Tech Forrester: 15 Technology Trends For EAs To Watch
Tech Forrester: 5 Topics Driving Our IT Leadership Research
Tech Fortune: 4 Tech Trends To Watch
Tech Gartner: 2010 Predictions for IT Organizations and Users
Tech Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010
Tech Gartner; Disruptive Tech Trends To Watch
Tech IBM & SOA: Innovative Ideas From The Smart Work Jam
Tech IBM IdeaWatch: Intelligent Computing & the Smarter Planet
Tech IBM: 5 Innovations That Will Impact Us Within 5 Years
Tech IBM: CIO Study – Top 8 Emerging IT Project Areas
Tech IDC: Top 10 Predictions for 2010
Tech Morgan Stanley: 10 Trends to Watch
Tech ReadWriteWeb: 10 Enterprise Trends To Watch in 2010
Tech Sydney Herald: 10 Business Technology trends for 2010
Tech The Business Times (Singapore): 8 Tech Trends In 2010
Tech TheStreet.com: Six Top Tech Trends for 2010
Telco Deloitte: Seven Telecommunications Predictions for 2010
Utilities IDC: 10 Predictions for the N.A. Utilities industry
VC Network World: 10 Start-ups to Watch in 2010
VC NVCA: Venture Capital 2010 Predictions
VC VentureBeat: Venture Capital Trends For 2010
Web 2.0 Mashable’s Pete Cashmore: 10 Web Trends for 2010

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