HorizonWatching Trend Report: Cloud Computing

I’ve prepared a HorizonWatch Trend report on Cloud Computing and have posted it to Slideshare.  It is embedded below.

The slides provide an overview on the Cloud Computing trend for IBM HorizonWatching Community members.  In the deck you will find summary information about the Cloud Computing trend along with many links to additional resources

The cloud computing ‘buzz’ has been going on now for 4-5 years.  Cloud is a disruptive force and will have an impact in most (if not all ) industries.

Cloud computing provides individuals and organizations with new options on how they acquire or deliver IT services, with reduced emphasis on the constraints of traditional software and hardware licensing models.

Long term, I expect cloud and mobile cloud services will replace the traditional client / server application/solution delivery model for the majority of enterprises.

The three main types of clouds are private, public, and hybrid.  All three of these types of clouds are expected to grow significantly in 2012 as enterprises move from experimentation to implementing application solutions.

In 2012 I expect to see mid and large-sized businesses to increase their implementation of all types of clouds.  I also expect larger enterprises will begin to put plans in place to migrate their legacy applications to the cloud.  2012 will also be an important year for cloud services providers hoping to build out cloud application platforms and ecosystems around those platforms.

Here is the deck.

Over the next week or two, I will be posting information about other HorizonWatching Trend Reports. Stay tuned.