How Electric Utility Companies Are Adapting to Climate Change

I caught some news that the IBM Electric Utilities team is having a web-launch of an IBM sponsored report that reveals how electric utility companies around the world are adapting to climate change, based on their responses to the Carbon Disclosure Project 2008 questionnaire.   Sounds like an interesting report.  Find out how to attend the web-launch below.

The launch event explores the actions taken by electric utilities to assess and manage the risks brought about by climate change, whilst also identifying the opportunities that a changing climate will have on their business models.   It analyzes the current energy challenges, specific drivers for adaptation and provides senior executive level guidance on the actions needed to adapt and build business resilience to the impacts of climate change.   The report also recognizes that adaptation is an increasingly critical issue for governments, regulators, investors and the financial markets.

This unique event will also give the audience an opportunity to ask key questions to our expert panel. The report will address:

  • The Energy Revolution: this century will see unprecedented urbanization and intense competition for scarce resources, driven by population growth and economic development. A changing climate will exacerbate these challenges.
  • These climate impacts add up to significant changes in the demand for electricity against a backdrop of supply challenges, ageing assets, new technology, prescriptive regulation and impacts on asset performance and efficiency.
  • What will a successful electricity company of the future look like? Companies need to act upon the clear signals that climate change is already underway.
  • Consumer preferences and needs will also change; markets will open up in new locations and for new products and services. Those businesses that do not react fast enough will lose out to their competitors, whilst those that recognize the opportunities will gain competitive advantage and become electricity sector leaders.

As each year goes by and action is delayed, the direct and indirect costs arising from changing climatic conditions will increase, threatening the sustainability of those companies that are slow to react.

: At the launch event, the authors of the report will highlight the key points from the report and in the final session will form a panel to take questions from the audience.

  • Welcome address – Graham Butler, Executive Partner, Energy and Utilities Industry Leader, IBM UKISA
  • CDP context – James Howard, Project Director, The Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Introduction to the report – Michael Valocchi, Partner, Global Energy & Utilities Industry Leader, IBM
  • Building business resilience – John Firth, Chief Executive Officer, Acclimatise
  • IBM viewpoint – Graham Butler
  • Question and Answer session – Panel

TO REGISTER :  You can register to attend the launch by clicking at this link
Those not attending should register to access the replay easily.

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