I.T. Security: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report

Embedded below you will find my report “Information Technology Security: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report”

There is so much hype and attention these days on the big four trends of social, mobile, cloud, and analytics.  However, talk to any CIO and they will most certainly tell you that Information Security is one of their biggest challenges.  It’s one that most likely keeps them up late at night.

Many of the challenges facing enterprise I.T. departments were not around 10 years ago.  The enterprise infrastructure of today is both more sophisticated and more interconnected than ever before – linking vast amounts of information and services in new ways.  The advent of cloud, mobile, social, big data, other digital trends is disrupting even the most secure enterprise I.T. infrastructure. In addition to those disruptive and emerging technology  trends is the fact that the criminals and hackers out there are getting more and more sophisticated in their planning of cyber attacks.  All this puts so much stress on the security of the enterprise infrastructure that IT security can no longer be an afterthought.   Security must now become part of an enterprise’s IT design and involve security intelligence capabilities that prevent, detect and address system breaches anywhere. 

2013 Information Technology Security Trends to Watch
Below you will find some of the key areas to watch within the overall Security Trend in 2013

  1. Complexity Increases:  IT Security continues to become very complex, thanks to mobile, social, big data, and cloud trends.
  2. Mobile is a Target:  Hackers and criminals increasingly target Mobile Platforms, Mobile Wallets, and App Stores, causing  CIOs ro allocate more resources towards securing Mobile Device Management and BYOD policies.
  3. Malware Sophistication:   Criminals target enterprise infrastructures with sophisticated malware at all potential endpoints.
  4. Cyber Wars: Government and Terrorist-sponsored attacks increase on all institutions.
  5. Targeted Attacts:  Expect more targeted and coordinated attacks that are successful in disrupting service and fraudulently obtaining significant amounts of intellectual property.
  6. Cloudy Forecast #1:  Expect a few very large and public attacks on clouds.
  7. Cloudy Forecast #2:  CIOs look to Cloud-based Security Services for help.
  8. Security Automation:  Enterprises will invest in better security management facilities, the use of analytics and intelligence to identify trends and usage patterns, and the ability to monitor, report, and act on security intelligence.
  9. Security Leadership:  More enterprises will institute the Chief Information Security Officer role.

Information Technology Security: A 2013 HorizonWatching Trend Report