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Security Security is one of those important trends that will always be important because there is always a dark element out there that is trying to get around security’s defenses.  The bad people keep getting smarter on how to beat security so those in IT need to keep getting better at securing enterprise IT resources.

Of course, the Internet is to blame, right?.  Back 25 years ago, most enterprises were probably more worried about physical security than they were someone hacking in over telecommunications lines.  However, with the growth of the Internet, there has been a lot of attention paid to the security of web applications in recent years. Web applications are now widely deployed now for banking, home shopping and inter business activities. And in the past 3-4 years, mobile, cloud, and social applications have grown exponentially.  These new application are used by a very wide and vast user base which was never possible with older technologies. As a consequence, they have become increasingly attractive targets for cyber criminals and those intent on wreaking havoc for fun or profit.   Every year we are seeing more and more high profile organizations suffer very public exposures because of attacks targeted at their web applications.

IBM has always focused on delivering security solutions and services and as such, there is tons of content out on the ibm.com website for those who would like to learn more about the security trend.  So, as a service here to readers of this blog, I am providing direct links to the most current reports, websites, and social accounts related to the security trend.  The reports and sites below are all hotlinked.  If you see something that is missing, let me know and I will revise this post.

IBM Security Websites

  • Smarter Planet:  Security and Resillience:  Tabs for “Overview”, “Case Studies” and “Solutions”
  • Smarter Computing:  Security – Build a secure infrastructure to comply, reduce risk and protect
  • Services:  IT Security Services – Links to info on Managed Services, Professional Services, Payment Card Industry Solutions, Security Intelligence
  • Software:  IBM Security – Tabs for “Learn”, “Services”, and “Connect”
    • Tivoli:  Security, Risk and Compliance Management – Overview of the portfolio of security, risk and compliance management software, hardware and services
    • Tivoli:  IT Security – Extensive information & links to help you deliver effective governance for identity and access management
  • Systems: 
  • Cloud Computing:  Cloud Security
  • developerWorks:  Security – Tabs for “Overview”, “Practices”, “Products”, and “Community”

IBM Security on Social Media

IBM Security White Papers, Reports, etc.