IBM and InformationWeek to hold Smarter Business and Smarter Healthcare Webinar

There is a webinar tomorrow titled “Smarter Business Webcast with Smarter Healthcare Emphasis”.  The webinar is Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 9:00 AM PT

Both IBM and Information week are sponsoring the webinar to give us a glimpse into sophisticated information technologies such as analytics, sensor-equipped networks, and Web applications that can make industries, processes, and professionals smarter than ever before.  IBM will join InformationWeek in the live, 60-minute video webcast presentation on the topic of Smarter Business.

The webcast will feature a 15-minute presentation by Sean Hogan, Vice President, Global Healthcare Delivery Systems, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences, discussing Smarter Healthcare. Additionally, the webcast will include a panel discussion among InformationWeek Editor in Chief Rob Preston, InformationWeek Editor Chris Murphy, and Intelligent Enterprise Editor in Chief Doug Henschen, drawing from interviews with leading practitioners in presenting a range of compelling use cases.

The panel is expected to cover the following topics

  • Learn how innovative companies are transforming the healthcare ecosystem, reducing costs and providing better clinical outcomes
  • Get insight into how banks and other financial services companies are mitigating their risks in the hopes of averting another industry crisis
  • Understand how executives are peering into the future of their businesses and not just monitoring historical activity
  • Learn how law enforcement is analyzing data to fight crime, how agriculture companies are tapping the latest technologies to water their crops…and much more.

There will also be a time set aside near the end of the webinar for questions and answers.

Registration is at