IDC: 2010 Predictions for Infrastructure Software

IDC - System Infrastructure IDC’s System Infrastructure analyst team held its annual predictions call for System Infrastructure 2010 today.  During the call, I heard IDC’s Top 10 predictions for the worldwide system infrastructure software market (system software, virtualization, and system management software ) in 2010.  

Here’s my summary of the top ten predictions reviewed on the call:

  1. Cloud Computing:  IDC says that the hype around Cloud Computing will calm down as management tools start maturing
  2. ROI Drives Decisions:  In 2010, short-term ROI will continue to make or break system infrastructure software purchasing and investment decisions.
  3. Windows 7 Is A Key Transition Point:  IDC expects that the transition to Windows 7 will mark a sobering transition point where traditional PCs begin to loose the position of the primary access device.
  4. Say Goodbye To Unix:  Unix will become a permanent casualty of the economic downturn of 2009
  5. Client Virtualization:  IDC says that the client virtualization trend will have a breakout year, thanks to Microsoft
  6. Converged Infrastructure Platforms:  IDC says that the hypervisor wars will end in 2010 and converged (cloud) infrastructure platforms will take off
  7. End-to-End Application Performance and Visibility:   IDC expects that these objectives will become a major priority across public and private infrastructure and services
  8. License Management:  IDC says that in 2010 vendors will exploit weak software license management environments
  9. Availability Software:  Will increasingly adapt to a virtualized x86 server world
  10. Sustainability and Power Management:   Will become critical green IT differentiators across the system infrastructure software landscape

So there is a ton of activity going on in the software infrastructure marketplace.  Cloud and Virtualization are kind of the megatrends. 

I joined IBM back in the days when the Operating System was a major control point.  All vendors had a closed and proprietary OS.  Those days are gone.  Competitive differentiation in the future will be based more on the flexibility and functionality of the administrative management capabilities, how well the infrastructure platforms deliver operational savings and operational flexibility, and, I believe, how well these platforms enable collaboration.

For more information, you can register and view a recording of the webinar IDC Predictions 2010: Infrastructure Software where you can download the slides.  For even more detail, you can access the IDC document: Worldwide System Infrastructure Software 2010 Top 10 Predictions

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  1. Good trend information here. My advice is that your infrastructure team should ensure that your equipment is always in a proper working condition. With infrastructure team taking care of this, you can spend your time on what you do best and focus on your business.

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