IDC Insights: Predictions 2010 – Government Industry

IDC Government Insights The IDC Government Insights team held its annual predictions conference call today related to Government IT spending.  Presenting on the call was Thom Rubel, Vice President of Research at IDC as well as a number of other analyst.   This conference call provided a review of 10 predictions that IDC expects will heavily influence the direction and magnitude of IT investment, management, and evaluation by the Government.

While the title of the call did not mention it, the focus of the predictions was the U.S. Government.

IDC says that IT spending by Government organizations is expected to grow at 3.9% in 2010.   This is higher than the average spending growth forecasted by IDC.  A great deal of this spending will be related to the ongoing stimulus spending and to support its temporary role as business manager for financial firms and other organizations it has invested in order to stabilize the economy.  Additional spending will go towards improving operational efficiency in the data centers and new solutions that keep citizens not only informed, but engaged in the process of rebuilding the economy.

Here’s a summary of IDCs top ten predictions for Government

  1. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:  IDC says this act will drive $1.5B in IT spending on additional IT services across Government entities.
  2. Cloud Computing – Shared and Private:  IDC says that Cloud is not mature enough yet. 2010 will be a year of testing and getting ready for 2011.
  3. Legacy Systems Live On: IDC expects that Governments look to extend legacy systems via SOA, smart applications, and other life-extending strategies.
  4. Government 2.0 Dies, Social Media Lives:  All the social media noise will eventually become valued channels of information.
  5. Shortcomings:   More standardized reporting on metrics and trends is needed 
  6. Government Citizen Service Delivery:  IDC expects Governments will continue to innovate in the area of Internet-delivered citizen services
  7. 2010 Census News:  IDC expects Governments will eventually employ the use of wireless handheld devices to collect new information during the census.
  8. State Outsourcing and Services Contracting:  IDC says State government spending to outpace the Federal Government
  9. Transparency:  IDC says government will focus efforts on boosting data integrity
  10. Government Security Strategy:  In 2010, IDC expects governments will get serious about cyber security.

At the end of the call, IDC had a slide that provides some guidance to Government IT leaders and also some guidance to IT vendors.   

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