IDC Reveals Top 2008 Cross-Industry Predictions

This week IDC is having a series of Top 10 Prediction calls for the major Industries they cover.   The first event was held today and serves as the kickoff to the rest of the conference calls.  It covered the top predictions across all industries.  There are two big prediction themes that IDC came up with:  1) Spending on Green Initiatives and 2) Spending on Web 2.0 Initiatives.

For the call that was held today, I took the following notes:

Overview Of Spending On IT in 2008

Those Industries spending above average in 2008 include….

  • Healthcare (7.5%) 
  • Government (6.3%) 
  • Process Manufacturing (6.2%) 
  • Discrete Manufacturing (6.0%) 
  • Utilities (5.9%)

Those industries where spending is below average include:

  • Banking (3.0%) 
  • Retail (5.3%)

2008 Big Theme #1 = Green

  • Energy:  Climate change issues will drive increased investment in energy and IT as companies initially focus on cutting energy costs across their organizations 
  • Manufacturing:  For environmental compliance and corporate responsibility – your suppliers problems will become your problems.  IDC gave the example of the issue the Toy Industry had this year with the China Toy Manufacturers. 
  • Government:  IDC expects that Governments will lead by example in area of Green IT initiatives 
  • Retail:  Corporate social responsibility and "Green Retail"  will be one of the top 5 priorities for retailers.  IDC says there are many areas where retailers can become more ‘green’.

2008 Big Theme #2 = Web 2.0 For Industry

Those industries that have a heavy consumer orientation will accelerate their Web 2.0 usage. 

  • Healthcare:   Healthcare is such a consumer oriented market.  Therefore, expect Health 2.0 will have a profound impact on how consumers interact with the health system 
  • Financial Services:  Another consumer oriented sector, expect institutions to embrace Web 2.0 and graduate from experimentation to deployment of next generation web technologies. 
  • Government:  Gov 2.0 will replace e-Gov as younger citizens demand a more interactive online experience. 
  • Retail:  IDC expects an increased focus on Web 2.0 as the online social community momentum targets traditional retailers.

Biggest and Best Predictions: 

  • Financial:   As a result of the impact of the sub-prime mortgage issue, expect financial Institutions to replace revenue growth with risk management / analytics as a top investment priority.
  • Health:   Consumers are demanding more information from the Health industry.  As a result, Business Intelligence investments will be a top priority to increase information transparency
  • Energy:  Intelligent grid initiatives will leverage existing investments and target specific problem areas
  • Manufacturing:   Becoming a Globally Integrated Enterprise becomes a focus as the large manufacturers move toward a globally integrated business model.
  • Government:  Infrastructure optimization and IT resource re-purposing will be top Government IT Trend
  • Retail:   Retailers will require the centralization and integration of demand intelligence

Out on a Limp Predictions (IDC says there is a less than 50% chance of these happening.

  • Financial:    Contactless Mobile Payment meets its demise.
  • Health:   Retail clinics disrupt healthcare delivery in 2008 
  • Government:  Government will begin to experiment with "everything as a service"
  • Retail:   Personalized promotions and narrowcast advertisting officially start the slow death of the newspaper circular.

Industry Specific IDC Prediction Conference Calls

There are a series of follow on conference calls on the major sectors IDC covers.  You can find out more about these sector calls by going to their events page.   Here is a list of the upcoming calls: 

  • Worldwide Financial Services 2008 Top 10 Predictions – Jan. 7th 
  • Worldwide Manufacturing 2008 Top 10 Strategic Predictions – Jan. 8th 
  • Global Retail Insights 2008 Top 10 Predictions  – Jan. 8th 
  • Health Industry Insights 2008 Top 10 Predictions – Jan. 9th 
  • Energy Insights 2008 Top 10 Predictions – Jan. 10th 
  • Worldwide Government 2008 Top 10 Strategic Predictions – Jan. 11th 
  • Global Top 10 Predictions for Product Lifecycle Strategies in 2008 – Jan. 24th

I hope to be attending these calls and reporting on them here on the HorizonWatching blog.