IDC: Top 10 Storage Trends for 2010

IDC IDC is well into its top 10 trends  and predictions season.   Last week they held their conference call on Storage trends for 2010.  On the conference call were leaders from the IDC Storage team 

This was a very useful conference call that helped me understand the key trends in storage.  As we all know, the volume of data being created globally is going through the roof.   Storage requirements are being stressed and that trend will continue for some time.  Enterprises need to have a solid storage strategy.  Those that are successful can build a competitive advantage via a dynamic information-centric environment based on intelligent analytics.

Here’s a summary of IDC’s Top Ten Storage Trends

  1. Decapitalization of IT:   Focus will be on reducing capital costs
  2. BU To Re-establish Independence From IT:  Expect solutions focus to drive increased use SaaS  
  3. Digitization Of Major Industries Will Lead To Enable Operational Effectiveness:  Look for specific vertical industry solutions from Storage Solution Providers
  4. Acceleration In The Adoption of Storage-efficient Technologies:  Including technologies like:  Deduplication, Thin Provisioning and Storage Tiering 
  5. VM Will Drive New Management And Optimization Of Data Access:  Focus on managing how and where associated data will be accessed.
  6. Focus On Datacenter Density Improvements:  IDC expects SAS form factor will be shipped as a primary disk interface.  Also expect increased shift towards the 2.5” HDD form factor. 
  7. Improved And Expanded Use Cases For SSD. Compliments the push for improved performance, storage utilization, and reduced power consumption.
  8. Personal Storage Will Look To SMB For New Opportunities:  IDC says personal storage vendors realize their is money to made in SMB.
  9. Consolidation of Protection, Recovery, and Retrieval:   In the midmarket, backup and archiving will come under a common management framework
  10. Storage Vendors Will Go-To-Market With Turnkey Packages: Expect combination of compute, network and storage packages.

For more information, check out IDC’s Worldwide Storage Predictions 2010: Capitalizing on Transformation

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