InformationWeek – List of 5 Disruptive Technologies

InformationWeek published their list of 5 Disruptive Technologies To Watch In 2008 a few days ago.  According to InformationWeek, these made their top five list because they all have the ability to change the course of current IT plans for the year.   The trends will cause companies to rethink how to rework their network infrastructure, manage  desktops, and alter the way they build and deploy applications.   The five trends on InformationWeek’s list are:

  1. Virtualization Now   While the overall concept isn’t new, it is expanding into just about every nook and cranny of the data center, and is proving to be a very useful tool for a wider array of situations, including virtual desktops running virtual applications from virtual storage across virtual networks, and even using virtual security. 
  2. Apple And Cross-Platform Shops.  The Web browser marketplace is now a three-way race among Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Having three Web browsers to support can be cumbersome for many corporations that rely on Web-based Intranets and internal applications. ”
  3. Video Over IP Networks.  Expect more and more video running across corporate networks.  Planning for the appropriate infrastructure will be critical, especially in the coming year as more video-aware applications are developed.
  4. Outsourced Data Centers.  In 2008, there will be increasing numbers of managed service providers (MSPs) who will take care of housing your servers for you.  This brings an added degree of complexity to managing the fleet of servers and the accompanying applications.
  5. Presence-Aware SIP Applications.  There is a growing number of applications and vendors delivering products that figure out what the user is doing in any given moment and make it easier to communicate or route work flows.   Adding presence awareness will change the way that companies will communicate in 2008.

You can read the full article at 5 Disruptive Technologies To Watch In 2008