J. Walter Thompson: 100 Things to Watch in 2010

JWT 100 Thingsjpg J. Walter Thompson released its annual list of 100 Things to Watch in 2010.   Its a long list (but interesting to check out) that covers a ton of trend topics that show the broad shifts that are happening in our lives.

"Our list also shows how accelerating demographic, political and economic power shifts are manifesting in our everyday lives. And it points to the way industries are redefining or reinventing themselves to survive or to fully leverage these power shifts." – Ann Mack, director of trendspotting at JWT.

Here’s a few of the 100 trends listed:

  • 3-D at home: 3-D is the new HD. Picture dinosaurs stepping out of the TV into your living room, ala "Avatar." Panasonic, Sony and Samsung all will be coming out with 3-D sets.
  • Hand-me-ups: This refers to kids "handing up" their cell phones, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets to their parents when they upgrade, since the older items are often easier to use. We’ll welcome this, too, so long as the kids are footing the bill for their own upgrades.
  • Hybrid sports: Athletes in cities worldwide are engaging in new combo sports like bicycle polo and beach tennis.
  • Organic fast food: Chains will be popping up: Organic to Go, Naked Pizza and O!Burger! Hopefully, the price of organic will go down.
  • Paying for online content: This is my absolute favorite. A shift from free online content to a fee system will be launched for magazines and newspapers, which plummeted in part because they did not do this from the get-go.
  • Virtual house calls: Doctors seeing patients via the Web and applications like Skype are becoming a more efficient way to practice medicine, especially when patient and doctor are separated by long distances.

You can check out the full list 100 Things to Watch in 2010 or view the deck on Slideshare.