Landor: 2010 Trends Forecast – Market trends and their impact on brands

Landor Landor Associates is a strategic brand consulting and design firm with 23 offices around the globe.  It recently released a 2010 Trends Forecast and I thought I would share it with you here.

The forecast provides perspectives from nine of Landor’s lead brand experts in the various industry domains that Landor focuses on.  Here is a summary of the individual perspectives. 

  1. Financial Services:  Dramatic shifts give every financial services brand reasons to rethink its relationships with key audiences.  Those that focus on core needs and genuine client experience rather than conventional marketing tactics will emerge stronger in 2010.   Read more here
  2. Social Media:  The social web take the spotlight as we learn to filter noise and concentrate on connections.  Read more here
  3. Airlines:  The airline industry has changes on the horizon.  Tourists are taking control of their travel to an unprecedented degree.  Read more here
  4. Design:  The challenge for forward-thinking designers is to provide flexibility as well as meaning to strengthen the connection between brand and consumer, the link between design and what it represents.  Read more here
  5. Green:  Will 2010 be the year of the green car—and will sustainability save Detroit?  Read more here
  6. Consumer Spending:  Brands that can capitalize on the pent-up demand while offering real value and even a little bit of joy into the bargain should do well.    Read more here
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility:  2010 will be marked by reinvention. A new model for social responsibility will emerge, one that aligns public good and business strategy with brand values. Read more here
  8. Hospitality:  These are difficult times for the hospitality industry, with increased scrutiny on value and the fear that any broken promises will be revealed instantly online.   Read more here
  9. Food and Beverage:  Brands must learn to approach marketing from the customers’ viewpoint, highlighting the buying criteria important to them.  Read more here

You can download a complete 12 page PDF file of the whole report at