Marian Salzman: Top Ten 2010 Trends

mariansalzman Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, is a respected trendspotter.   She has been providing trends lists every year for many years and she regularly revisits her lists 5 and 10 years after she publishes them to comment what went right and what went wrong.

Salzman recently posted her 2010 trends at sociableblog.  Her list of top trends for 2010 is a combination of pop culture, political and fiscal trends.  Her list is heavily impacted by her view of the world, which is PR, Marketing, and Social Media.  Salzman says that in 2010, companies need to pay increased attention to and and active engage in the social media.  Here’s her list of 2010 trends.

  1. Lines That Zig but Don't Zag. Hyperpolarization and the independents who will bridge the divide between political adversaries.
  2. Beware the Mobmedia. The emergence of mob mentality and virtual bullying over pressing political and pop culture issues in the social media sphere.
  3. A Children's Place and Other Prime-Time Props: Reality TV Gone Wild. Children being exploited as television accessories and brand trailblazers.
  4. Obamaclock. President Obama's tenure in office is ticking away as he continues to harvest mass scrutiny at the hands of the recession's grip.
  5. Heading Off Angst. The mobilization of a universal brain-health movement that includes helmet safety, the dangers of cell-phone use, soldiers' traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, and beyond.
  6. No Piggy in the Bank. The employment of creative fundraising tactics for nonprofits and startups as a result of the current economic climate.
  7. In-Your-Face Honesty. Smart bigwigs will self-expose unlawful misconduct, which the media will place on the back burner out of boredom if it all comes out in the first wash.
  8. Go Community! An influx of community niches and hyperlocalization efforts will stampede 2010 with the ever-growing presence of social media tools.
  9. The Shadow of the Bomb, Again. Iran, North Korea and Pakistan will partake in a risky game of poker–with the world anxiously holding their cards.
  10. Hands-On Aspirations for Insourcing. With a multiplicity of information online and so much employment shifting to the service sector, industries and individuals advance making-and-mending skills.

You can see her full blog post at Top 10 Trends Forecast for Year 2010