MarketingProfs Community weighs in with 2010 Marketing Predictions

Beth Harte of MarketingProfs recently provided a post titled “11 Smart Marketers Shared Their 2010 Predictions” in which she had polled the MarketingProfs LinkedIn Group for a list of 2010 Marketing predictions.   The post is an interesting read, so I thought I’d mention it here and provide you with the links over to her post.

Eleven marketers from all backgrounds, industries, and expertise responded to the call for 2010 marketing related predictions.  Here’s my quick summary of the predictions.

  1. Integrated Marketing – Trend towards integrating print and electronic marketing
  2. Social Media – Businesses need to reduce duplication and improve synergies
  3. Integrated Marketing Communications – Reaching customers more intimately via different channels via relevance, targeting, addressibility
  4. Data analytics – Trend towards using data and analytics to make communications more personal
  5. Marketing & Sales – Better teaming is needed now more than ever between all disciplines (advertising, PR, Integrated Marketing, Sales, Market Intelligence, etc)
  6. Transparency – Customers hold the power and as such are forcing businesses to provide even more information about products and services
  7. Social Media & Research – Market research is being transformed by social media explosion.
  8. Mobile Marketing – 2010 just may be the inflection point when true mobile marketing takes off.

I encourage you to read the full post at 11 Smart Marketers Shared Their 2010 Predictions